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The starting point

This blog has been an idea of mine for a while.  Although I don’t have all the kinks in order yet, I figured now is as good a time as every to begin.  Right now, I’m writing all this down so I can remember my trip here as much as possible.  While being me of course, I tend to pay particular attention to the food so that’s kinda my own twist on the things that have taken place and help me remember what I did.  My goal is continue to write and blog about the places I visit anywhere else I may be.  As many of my friends and family know, Sundays I often take to myself to study but this past year I made it a habit to leave my apartment in search of a little nook or café in which I can set myself down to study while still enjoying the places in the city have to offer.  So for those interested, stay tuned.  For now, here’s my take on France and Italy throughout my almost 7 weeks abroad.


  1. Talya says

    Hi Aija!
    Have fun! I did a whole blog of my study abroad trip in Australia and its honestly the best thing I did! It’s so much fun to look back on everything after! Have fun, travel tons and keep posting to insta!


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