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Food Truck Frenzy

After having had a little bit of a break from this blog and finishing up my whole moving process back to Toronto for the start of school, I realized that I needed a good kick-start to the whole food-related theme I’m heading towards; this being a personal review on the Montreal food trucks I visited over the summer.  I know the season isn’t over, so for those still in Montreal, planning on making a quick trip, or for those just looking out for next summer, here they are!

Au Pied de Cochon Food Truck – It was a rainy day when I went to this place, which probably worked in our favour considering how busy I’ve seen it at other times –  keep this in mind.  I ordered a combo 2 which consisted of a drink, sausage dog, poutine foie gras, and dessert; lucky for me they subbed my drink for a coffee because I was just too cold (typical me).  The foie gras poutine was amazing!  I was amazed at the amount of foie gras they put on each of our poutine’s, so bonus points for that.  The sausage was also really good, the pork (of course) in the dog was really dense and had a strong flavour but with the pairing of slaw on top, it hit the spot!  The only reason I can’t call this a perfect score was because the banana bread/pastry that we got in the combo was a little plain in flavour and the banana custard unevenly distributed.  But that aside, I was so full I could barely eat anything else by that point!

Au Pied de Cochon

Au Pied de Cochon

Route 27 – Amazing that one can have tartare from a truck!  I had their mini hamburgers with beef tartare; well-seasoned with slight Asian spices that made it a truly unique dish.  I also say that ratio is everything, and their beef to bun ratio was excellent! (this being enough beef for their bun) The only downside was the long line and portions could have been a slight bit bigger, but overall a great try for any tartare lover!

Route 27

Route 27

Phoenix 1 – My fave Naanwiches by far! I love sandwiches, I love Naan bread, so I lovedddd Phoenix 1.  It’s amazing how a simple little substitution can make for a huge change in the sandwich, and with only a few ingredients, it hit a home run!

Matching the truck perfectly! :)

Matching the truck perfectly! 🙂

Phoenix 1

Phoenix 1

Gaufrabec – I was really looking forward to visiting this truck, I had searched all over to find it in a dead end which I’m pretty sure wasn’t the right parking spot, but whatever.  To be honest, the search was not necessary; this truck was a let-down in almost every single way.  The long wait for food, the small portions for the price, the lack of chicken in my stuffed waffle and the overall flavouring was just not there.  Being a HUGE Belgian waffle fan, I was seriously looking forward to this but if you want good waffles, you’re best off going to a breakfast place; or better yet, our homemade ones are always a score!

Chaud Dog – Classic dog all supped-up!  Combining the lean and flavourful proteins in the dog and filling the buns with amazing garnishes that put a spin on your classic hotdog.  Be careful to those who aren’t a fan of spicy because some of the hotdogs are.  The menu combines a bunch of different cultures and flavours that are unexpected and really caught my eye.  Definitely a fun and easy lunch!

Some Chaud-Dog with my little bro

Some Chaud-Dog with my little bro

Fous Truck – Probably one of my faves from the summer!  I visited here on multiple occasions because of how great the croissants and sandwiches are.  The sandwiches are all made with their croissants as buns (aka. Awesome!) and provided a decent sized list of choices.  The Mediterranean was my first pick; really incredible!  With only some cheese, sundried tomatoes and a couple little ingredients, it was a very tasty and filling lunch.  I also tried out their chocolate brownie which is more like a lava cake, with a yummy liquid inside and a perfectly baked exterior that had us craving more from this truck.  Their croissants on their own are also phenomenal! I can’t wait to go back again next summer!

Le Quai Roulant – Also one of my top faves and not a place I was planning on visiting over the summer, but after hearing so many good comments I was sure to be headed their way.  I can’t say anything negative about this place either.  I had their fish tacos which were served in soft tortillas (always better) and were a perfect balance of fish and toppings that made for a light lunch taco.  I always find the combination with toppings a little harder with fish, especially for a taco, but they mastered it perfectly. The guacamole as sauce was also amazing and the coleslaw under my taco was also to die for!  Along with their orange-flavoured tea, I was hooked and will definitely be paying these guys a visit next year.

Le Quai Roulant!

Le Quai Roulant!

Alexis Le Gourmand – Another Montreal classic; a well-known restaurant now in a food truck.  One of the differences that I found most interesting about Alexis’ truck was their use of turkey rather than pork like in many other of the food trucks.  I had the pulled pork wrap which was really great on flavour, the only thing lacking for me were a few more of those juicy grilled veggies; with just a little bit more I think it could have really blown me out of the water.  Again, an amazing slaw to go along with and their dessert was one of my faves of the summer!  Their banana bread was covered in whipped cream, toffee bits, and graham cracker crumbs; if you have a sweet tooth and a soft spot for banana bread like me, you’re gonna love it!

Even though I’m saying goodbye to my Montreal summer, I’m hoping whoever is reading this will still have a chance to check some of the spots out or put them on a list for next year.  This whole food truck chasing was a blast for me this summer!  It’s really a great way to explore different parts of the city and taste some of the best food from amazing restaurants that Montreal has to offer.  And thanks to everyone who came out with me on those chasing adventures, I couldn’t have done it without you!  Until next time!


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