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Classic Italian Recipes for the Ages

After a few moments of withdrawal from my travels in Italy, craving all those lovely gelatos and sweets, I knew the only place that was on my list for the weekend was Forno Cultura.  I was introduced to this place only last spring but I’ve made up for my lost time since then!  Everything they offer from breads, pizzas, cookies, and cakes are beyond delicious and in this case were successful in bringing me back to those tasty memories.

To start, I always walk in and grab a broken little bread stick that they have by their bar-like area that overlooks the chefs hard at work; a good way to start my visit.  As I make my way around this time, I realize that they don’t only have their own products but sell a variety of olive oils, balsamic vinegars, and other garnishes from Italy.  The aged balsamic from Modena had my mouth watering!  If anyone is looking for some true Italian ingredients, I’d definitely suggest these guys.  Being from an Italian family themselves and using their traditional recipes, they hands down know their stuff around the kitchen.

A selection of olive oil and balsamic vinegars

A selection of olive oil and balsamic vinegars

With a rumbling belly, I tried their pizza for the first time!  Both the potato and onion, and roasted red pepper pizzas were true matches to the ones I had tasted only weeks ago in Italy.  The way they heat up the pizzas on a panini press also made the bread on the bottom just a little crisper, which I really liked.  The potato pizza is for one, a very Italian thing I remember from many parts of the country and bringing in that kind of flavour really brought me back to the simple but fresh and tasty ingredients.



My personal favorites at this bakery are their cookies.  As you’ve most likely read before, cookies were a weakness of mine in Italy and I couldn’t wait to bring my tastebuds back to those yummy treats!  My faves are the amaretti cookies; topped with a whole almond to add to the aesthetic, their almond flavour is perfectly matched with their slightly crunchy exterior and soft insides.  This time they had an amaretti bianchi cookie which was even more to my liking.  Slightly crunchier like a biscotti, (although not one), but still lots of almond flavour has now been bumped to the top of my list!

Little treats waiting for me at the bottom of my bag

Little treats waiting for me at the bottom of my bag

It amazes me how the incredibly friendly staff don’t eat it all themselves (I would), but lucky for us the ample amounts of tasty treats assures some for the rest of us.  All-round a fave of mine; balanced between savory and sweet all in one visit!

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