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Dynamite Donuts

Jumping on the foodie trend on this one guys; donuts.  With a surge in donut shops setting up everywhere I go, I was bound to end up on the band wagon too.  These shops aren’t just selling your typical donut however; these guys are piled high with sweets and treats that will satisfy ten sugar cravings in just one serving.

Waiting in class before I rip into these delicious treats!

Waiting in class before I rip into these delicious treats!

As expected, one of the most popular of these shops is popping up on College Street just west of Brunswick Ave.  Jelly Modern Donuts has a look of cool and simple shop (the bright pink caught my eye – of course) but once inside the donuts you see are anything but simple.  You’ve got their classics such as lemon curd, classic jelly, cinnamon bun, carrot cake, chocolate, as well as some out there flavours I can’t wait to try such as salted caramel, s’mores, and a truly Canadian combo of maple bacon!

The best thing about here is also the portion size.  They have a regular sized donut and a smaller version, so whenever I see this, it’s an opportunity to try more flavours!

Carrot Cake and Nanaimo donuts!

Carrot Cake and Nanaimo donuts!

With flavours of the season and of the month, they have so many ways of luring you into tasting one of their delicious treats.  This month’s Nanaimo flavour made a quick and easy decision for me, along with a carrot cake donut to test out a classic.  What separates these from your average donut, for me, was the rather simple donut base.  Rather than jamming it with sugar, the dough was a lot lighter in terms of flavour and sugar, especially in the Nanaimo donut, that could carry copious amounts of sweets in the form of toppings.  The classic West Coast Nanaimo bar reinvents itself into a chocolate glazed donut with a dollop of custard and little bits of chocolate cake sprinkled on top.  Carrot cake also mimics your classic cake with hints of cinnamon and nutmeg; the carrot cake flavours are amped up and topped with a glaze and candied carrot bits.  Talk about yum!

Holed-Up Champions!

Holed-Up Champions!

Having not been a fan of donuts since a long road trip out east (with lots of donut stops), I have to admit I have been converted.  Donuts no longer need to be that sugar packed treat from chains, but are being dressed up in new and imaginative ways and have allowed some of the creative minds of the food world to bring new combinations to the forefront.  Don’t worry though, you can still get your dose of sugar and sweets here.

Hope you’re sensing a donut stop in your future, I know there’s one in mine!

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