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Take 1: Toronto Fashion Week

It’s been four years in the big TO and it crossed my mind that I hadn’t really taken advantage of many of things that the city has to offer.  With this in mind coming into my final year at university, I was motivated to get out there and see just that much more.  As a fashion enthusiast, also known as the fashionista on the cross-country team with my gal Maddy, Toronto Fashion Week was a must-see in my books!  I’m an avid follower throughout the runway seasons and I wanted to be one of the firsts to see all the popping new excitement in the fashion world for the coming Spring/Summer 2015 season.

Walking along King Street at night is already one thing; filled with bustling young professionals and go-getter enthusiasts, it’s already a place of excitement.  Last night however was even more so.  As we approached the big tent in David Pecault Square, the people walking around were impeccably dressed for both the show and the season; fur and leather were primary staples.  It also helped that we were seeing the Rudsak show which always has an assortment of such goods in their collections.

Decked out in a pleated mini-skirt that I reinstated into my closet after seeing this trend come back,  a cozy Rag & Bone sweater, my favourite perforated chunky leather heels, and of course sporting a wool and leather coat (because it just seemed like the perfect combination), I was ready to hit the show!

The bar!

Gorgeously lit up signs and chandeliers welcomed the guests as they entered the big tent.  Just before going in, I took a snoop over at the models getting all dolled up and ready for the runway.  With a dazzling and bright bar visually encapsulating the space, we had our first stop in sights; a glass of Prosecco and a cheers to our first fashion show experience!

What show is possible without some little treats! If only I could get this sign in my kitchen

After a few photo sessions all dolled up and a walk around the lounge space (which was just so sparkly and fun) we were ready to head into the big show.


After taking our seats and buzzing with excitement, the show began with a little clip in black and white and eventually the models were strutting their stuff in front of us.   Rudsak always amazes me through their versatility with leather that brings a twist to classic elements of fashion.  Since this was a spring/summer collection, the main pieces that continued throughout were sun hats and draw string shorts.  The concept that kept coming to mind was: dark, leather, edge to a summer Hamptons vibe.  The summer hats, most in woven straw, were exactly the kind of thing you’d see on a family vacay (aka. Hamptons, Cape Cod, or Maine) but the leather and darker elements contrarily showcased the edge that the designer is so capable of bringing together still in a classy way.  My personal favourite item of clothing had to be the drawstring shorts we saw throughout the show; made in a plethora of fabrics, these babies are perfect for any outing in the summer.  If I could, I’d snatch up a pair of leather shorts to wear around the city by day, and out and about at night with a pair of heeled sandals.  The crop tops are also a reoccurring theme in this show (and for this season) often covered with a sheer layer but still very much sliding further and further away from caution.  The bags are another fan fave!  The squarer shaped backpacks in smooth leathers are fuss free with an athletic vibe that is still wearable for any fashion follower.

All in all, the show went seamlessly from start to finish and echoed the key elements throughout each and every look in both men’s and women’s wear.  I even picked out a few outfits I know some friends and family will be gushing about; you guys will be hearing about that soon.

The experience itself was also a little surreal.  I’ve watched countless fashion shows online and on TV, but being there in real life and seeing the excitement from the media and other enthusiasts was another thing in itself.  It’s always nice to see and people gather to gush over common interests.

Just a couple of my favourite looks below!

So Toronto, I can’t wait until March because I’ll be back again!

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