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The St. Lawrence Market, Toronto

Walking to the market!

Walking to the market!

Along the same lines as Friday’s post, I’ve been on the road to exploring the City of Toronto and all its many little niches that have made it such a diverse city.  For all those that know how much of a foodie I am, I know it’s hard to believe but I had never been to the St. Lawrence Market in Old Town Toronto before yesterday.  So with a Saturday morning relatively free (an early workout on my part), I trekked down there to see what all the fuss is about.

I love going to the market in Montreal (particularly the Atwater market when it’s booming with outdoor vendors) so this was destined to be good.

In terms of comparison, I’d have to say the St. Lawrence Market is comparable to Montreal’s Jean Talon Market; the space itself is massive, and on a Saturday mid-day, it’s hard to believe you could fit another person in there.  But the little shops that I discovered made for a learning experience and lots of sampling!

Cheese Ravioli samples with a sundried tomato pesto

Cheese Ravioli samples with a sundried tomato pesto

Although I had a hardy roast beef sandwich for lunch, I wanted to share some of the other cool edibles I found in the market.

One of the coolest things I saw was by far the selection of cheese.  Some of the vendors were sampling bits of their cheese, but one shop in particular had quite a unique selection.  Some of these included: Chocolate Cheese Fudge, Cheddar with Aged Wine, Stout and other dark beers, and of course a bunch of cheeses with various herbs and spices.  Out of all the cheeses of this extravagance I would want to try the Guinness or Aged Wine cheeses; the bitterness that accompanies beer and its distinct flavour or a particularly robust, dry wine I can definitely see complementing the strong taste of a good old cheddar.

Another discovery was the Montreal bagels at a couple different stands!  I had been advised of their presence in this city that believes bread in the shape of a bagel is still a bagel (um, WRONG!) but seeing the St. Urbain Bagel sign was like seeing the light at the end of a tunnel!  And of course, being me and loving everything mini, I fell in love with the adorable mini bagels they had in a basket to the side of the shop.  On top of that, I now no longer need to fly bagels over from home!

Another exciting discovery was the new Balzac’s coffee shop right next to the market, so now I can get the best of both worlds if I’m ever headed over there for a study break…or more like study session.

With a bunch of sausages from the stands, an olive loaf, and cinnamon buns in our stomachs, I was ready to head home and make a delicious dinner!  The sausages I made last night were Jalapeno and Cheddar, but the real star in my mind was the olive bread.  Dipped in some of the fresh olive oil I brought back from Italy, a nice balsamic, and a hint of salt, I couldn’t believe how much it made me nostalgic of those weeks spent abroad (although the bread here was way better, I don’t get how Italians don’t salt their bread…weird).

A surprisingly dense cinnamon bun filled with flavour and raisins, YUM!

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