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Spiced Chickpea Pasta

My general food philosophy on your average day is to use only a few ingredients; I don’t want to overcomplicate or over-flavour anything that can already speak beautifully for itself.  Not only did my obsession for the week epitomize this, but this was also a new and exciting dish that burst into my mind on a whim one afternoon.

My spiced chickpea, spaghetti squash, and pasta dish was a warm and hardy meal (just what I needed as the weather got colder) that I enjoyed for a couple days more with leftovers that were just as good as the original.

To start, all you need is a can of chickpeas, fennel seeds, cayenne pepper, lemon juice, curry powder, caster sugar, a spaghetti squash, fettuccini, salt, pepper, and a little bit of olive oil.

The spaghetti squash I prepared just as I had mentioned in a previous post (salt and peppered in the oven at 300 for an hour and a half) and then I scraped out all the squash once it had cooled slightly.  In the last half hour of the squash’s preparation, I started to work on the other elements; I put the some water on to boil for the pasta and drained the chickpeas.  Once the water was boiling, put in the pasta and cook as directed on the label.  The chickpeas were the most complicated part of all this (but still super easy), I threw some olive oil in a pan to heat up and then added ¼ teaspoon each of fennel seeds, cayenne pepper, and curry powder, a teaspoon each of lemon juice and caster sugar, and a tad of salt and pepper.  Once these heated up and started smelling up the apartment, I added the chickpeas in for about 10 minutes on high heat until they were slightly crisp on the outside.

All there is left is to bring it all together!

Take a serving of pasta, mix in some spaghetti squash, and throw on some chickpeas and you’ve got yourself healthy and hardy dinner!

The chickpeas themselves were also amazing little snacks throughout the day to curb my bursts of hunger.

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