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The Studying Spots

First of all, how it is November already?  I’m past halfway through the semester which is unbelievable, but this also means I’ve been writing on my blog for three months now.  Kinda crazy.  Although I’m no technical whiz, I’m trying to develop my blog even more both visually and in terms of content and I’m going to be putting even more effort into this in the coming weeks;  so keep your eyes peeled!

As for today, I’m writing from another adorable café on College Street as I like to do on my Sunday afternoons.    I’m a huge fan of getting out of my regular ol’ apartment walls in order to get a change of scenery and avoid and distractions (aka my kitchen).  To those who don’t believe me, I’m amazed at how much more work I can get done with the mellow background music and with many other dedicated people around the table working away; far better than a silent library and Starbucks.

Instead of going into detail, I’d rather show you the awesome little treats each and every one has to offer and which I have gone to no end in sampling.  Who said you can’t eat with your eyes?

Huge chocolate chunks and a mocha latte? I’m in!  (Voodoo Child, College St.)

Dark Horse Chai Latte (one of the best!) on Spadina and a fruity tea and dense chocolate brownie at Grasshopper on College St.


In the Distillery District! Balzac’s – an Ontario classic!

L’Espresso Bar Mercurio on Bloor and St. George: a lemon granite on the left that takes me back to Italy…and a latte and Nutella cookie on the right

A close and frequent spot: 7 Grams Espresso on Avenue just south of Dupont.

Their mint infused lemonade is a fave!

And for my Montreal friends, my favourite little tea spot in MoWest: Totem!  I can’t get enough of their little desserts and huge selection of tea, you can never go wrong

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