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Cold-weather Friday musts!

Just like anyone else, the things at the top of your drawers are the ones you pick up day after day, wash after wash, and you just can’t seem to get bored of.  So today, I’m sharing some of my favourites that I just can’t get enough of this season.

When fall comes around, that whole weather dilemma seems to stump everybody; do I wear my coat, lighter jacket, rain jacket, parka? Who knows.  But when the winds start picking up, my pleather leggings and plaid scarf are a go-to.  The leggings I got at Mango last year (they have even more styles available this year) are a staple for basically any outfit.  I’m not a fan of wearing leggings in general, but with a tunic or longer, minimalist top, the outfit basically puts itself together effortlessly.  Plus! Students get 25% off, what’s not to love?  Similarly, scarves are a must.

When winter comes around, you’re not going to want a scarf with an open-weave resulting in chilly winds making its way down your front.  My plaid scarf here is from Gap.  It’s mind-boggling how soft they are, and with their huge selection of colours, and plaids (yay!), you can’t go wrong.

And the skull clutch?  Just a reminder of my time in Paris…but who doesn’t love a tasteful skull here and there for a touch of edge?

Other fab finds are my go-to necklace and double-sided earrings.  The Necklace was a steal at Joe Fresh years ago but their jewelry still rocks it and is incredibly durable considering how much I’ve worn it.  This simple statement adds a touch of chic without the hassle.  Same goes for my earrings.  I was in awe of this style when Vita Fede first came out with them last winter!  When I was in Italy I managed to find a couple pairs at a great price.  Now that designers in Canada are catching on, I have seen them all around.  Just a little touch of uniqueness!

The sew psyched nail polish by essie and Naked 2 by Urban Decay (at Sephora) are two items I can’t seem to go without.  And my trusty Daisy perfume by Marc Jacobs has been around for a few years now, because beneath all the plaid, skull, and leather is a little bit of sweetness (it’s somewhere, I promise :P).

The LCBO Wine book was a great find at Indigo a couple weeks ago.  A full breakdown of the best wines and best values for countries and varieties, this really has it all!  Whenever I have a few minutes before bedtime, I can open this book at any page and just start reading.  The author explains his methods for reviewing the wines and gives each one a rating to help you choose.  The good thing is the lack of a storyline never gets you going until the wee hours of the morning.  I’m definitely going to be keeping some of these considerations in mind next time I’m heading over there.  It would also make an amazing gift for those upcoming holidays!

Most importantly though, that tea!  If you know me, I have a bit of an addiction…This new salted caramel black tea is the first thing I drink in the morning. A splash of warm milk all frothed up, a hint of agave and you’ve got yourself a to-die-for salty, sweet tea latte!  I’m a huge fan of anything salted, so for those salted caramel fans out there, it’s a definite must!

And the Habs puck?  This was a no brainer…GO HABS GO!


  1. I’m happy to see you are cheering for the Habs! I love your post, the Naked 2 palette, MJ’s perfume and your scarves are so beautiful! ❤


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