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Green Tea Salmon Inspired by Jamie Oliver

This one’s been in the making for a while, my reinvented green tea salmon inspired by none other than my favourite Jamie Oliver.  I never seem to get bored of using Jamie Oliver’s recipes and as I use them more and more I think of different ways to incorporate new elements to play up different flavours, textures, or whatever the case may be.  This recipe of Jamie’s comes in his 15 Minute Meals cookbook which makes it so simple and easy to make!

The type of tea I used is the only real stray from Jamie’s original recipe.  In his recipe, Jamie used green tea bags but instead I make a trip to David’s Tea to look for some flavoured green teas for that little bit extra.

It started out with a pilot test; I got small quantities of three different flavoured green teas to test out and then went on from there.  Originally I tried out Roasted Gyokuro, Organic Countess of Seville, and Toasted Walnut.  Out of those, my favourites were definitely Organic Countess of Seville and Toasted Walnut, but by far the walnut flavour took the lead.

First of all, the most important difference between my version and Jamie’s is that the tea leaves need to be crushed into smaller bits first.  Otherwise you have some sticky kind of bits in the crust of the salmon and it’s not all that appetizing.

Once you’ve done this, lay out the tea onto the counter or a cutting board in a relatively thin and even layer and roll the salmon until it’s almost completely coated.  I also added a bit of salt and pepper before placing it in the pan to cook (I highly recommend doing this).  Just like any other salmon filet, on medium to high heat for about 5 to 6 minutes each side and you’ve got yourself a show stopper!

All in all, this recipe is so easy to make and basically goes with everything; I paired one of my testing sessions with a cauliflower puree with a dollop of honey Greek yogurt.  Yup, it was just as good as it sounds!  And don’t forget to add a squeeze of lemon juice; it combines the nutty-ness of the tea with a little zest.

As it stands, I’m sure there are a whole bunch of other teas out there that would pair perfectly; so I won’t stop looking for them!

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