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The Locale: Roux

My first time in the increasingly popular Junction area of Toronto and I’m just so excited to tell you all about it and head back over there sometime soon!  Walking down Dundas St. West, although not every storefront is engaging, many new little restaurants and design shops are opening up and are filled with lively crowds.  I was very surprised at how busy it was inside some of these places while the street seemed almost deserted.  I’ve been told it’s the new Queen St. West, so who knows…


Once you walk up to Roux, you get that same ambiance I was experiencing as I looked in the neighbouring restaurant windows.  A gorgeous red brick wall and angled mirror covers the entire west side of the room and a beautiful bar with shining taps and marble counter top welcome you into the quaint little space.  The décor is really simple and clean, adequately furnished and not overly done.

To be honest, it took us a while to decide what I wanted to eat.  Although thankfully their menu wasn’t too long, the specials called out to us last night.



To start, a slider duo to share; one pulled pork and the other a very hardy beef.  The sauce on the beef burger was slightly creamy and tangy matched with a very hardy beef patty.  Well combined with the bun and a few extras, it was a very simple burger but the strong flavoured really stood their own.  The pulled pork burger was surprisingly sweet and sautéed with some onions; a huge contrast from the other slider but still very good!


Next the beef tenderloin and quail salad specials took over the table with beautiful presentation.  To top it off, their spicy mac and cheese.  The beef tenderloin was incredibly juicy and the crispy skin on the quail made the dish.  But I have to say that the mac and cheese swooped in and stole the show.  First of all, they used my favourite pasta in the entire world: orecchiette.  I just love the thick texture of the pasta.  The creamy pasta sauce was full of cheesiness; surprisingly not heavy but smooth and thin that coated each and every surface.  The spice of the pasta was also not overpowering and still let the cheese stand out.  Yum!


Finishing it off was a chocolate banana bread and a lemon crème brulé with apple fritters.   The crème brulé was a little bit of a let-down, but the fritters and other dessert definitely made up for it!  The chocolate banana bread was super thick and completely saturated with bananas; aka I loved it.  The heat from the bread also made the vanilla ice cream melt slightly as it was placed on top.  On the other dish, the fritters were crispy on the outside and soft, light, doughy on the inside like they had just come out of the oven.

IMG_8607 IMG_8611

All in all, the ambiance, food, and company all made for an amazing night!

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