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A Weekend Away in Whistler

Last but most certainly not least, Whistler rounded out our little weekend getaway (ok, a little more than a weekend, but who’s counting?).


After a long race (and a few hours to nap and recover) all I normally want is meat.  So why not hit up Hy’s?  Although their definition of medium might coincide with medium rare (which is what I was looking for), it was a knock-out steak that night!


Also, it was one of the best meals I’ve had at Whistler thus far.


Although the trip up did not end up with us at the top of the mountain, we had never really thoroughly explored the village; so that was in order.  After a few rounds of the ski shops and a new ski suit (YAY!) we were hungry and headed to El Furniture Warehouse.


I’ve been to this place in Toronto many times before; apparently Whistler’s El Furny has been around lightyears longer.  So who wouldn’t want a beer and a burger to warm up?

Starting it off with some local beer picks and a plate of lemon pepper wings, we were in good hands.  I chose lemon pepper because it sounded like something new I had never tried before and was it ever a good choice.  A tangy lemon and zesty flavour was definitely noticeable but still had lots of pepper and surprisingly didn’t overpower the wings; that meaty taste would be a crime to cover up!


I am quite possibly a wing addict and I have a list of my go-to places and ones to avoid; this one is without a doubt it a keeper.

IMG_8913 IMG_8917

Then along came a gooey mac and cheese with bacon (of course), grilled cheese, and a mushroom Swiss burger.  I was the proud owner of the burger and man was it filling!  If you ever thought that $4.95 wouldn’t fill you up, boy are you wrong.  The Swiss cheese and melt-in-your-mouth mushrooms were the perfect garnish to a meaty patty.  I also have to chime in and say that the patty to bun ratio was very well done; believe me, life is all about ratios.

All in all, this place is killing it!

All this however was before the big football game (for Americans or other readers, the Grey Cup).  So once the riveting 4th quarter was up, we were in need of another good meal.



With some hemming and hawing over where to go, we finally settled on Araxi; an excellent choice.  I was already enticed by the cookbooks presented at the front and was even more excited when the waiters said I could take it to the table and look through it.  You guessed it, I love reading cookbooks. Shocker.  The gorgeous pictures of food and the mountain blew me away and it was even cool reading that both Gordon Ramsay and Heston Blumenthal had both eaten there and reviewed it very positively!  Excitement was growing…

Their table d’hote was a real deal.  I started out with oysters 4 ways; very interesting and avant-garde if I do say so myself.  Then came a platter of charcuterie but thank goodness we all didn’t get something at that point because I needed help to finish that one.  I’d have to say the best part of the platter was the foie gras on their crispy crackers and topped with a little spoonful of apricot compote.  Wow! Balancing the richness of the foie gras and a punch of acidity was all I needed to seal the fate for the rest of the night; this was going on the blog!  Another starter was a beet and goat cheese salad; an amazing and flavourful find at this gem of a restaurant.

IMG_8955 IMG_8957 IMG_8959

Still to come was my duck.  An Asian twist on the duck with soy sauce and sesame seeds really played with my taste buds.  Accompanied by some greens, radish slices, grilled polenta, and fried cauliflower the dish was a real winner.


And of course, dessert.  A lemon tart and black forest cake were the last things to hit the table.  We were a little hesitant on the black forest but it’s a good thing we went for it because it was hands down the best black forest cake I’d ever had.  Not so much a black forest cake, but the dessert had layers of white and milk chocolate mousse with a few cherries inside.



I had to get a picture of the inside because the plating doesn’t even do it justice.

The lemon tart was also a killer.  Super tart and tangy, a good lemon tart is always going to be remembered.


I’d have to say, I didn’t eat too badly up at Whistler.  But now I’ll definitely have to pull out those skis to work off all that tastiness.

Unfortunately at the crack of dawn the next morning we needed to head out to make our flights back in Vancouver.  I didn’t want to have to come back to reality, but exams and final assignment still had to be written and handed in.

Only one more to go now!!

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