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Veggielicious in TO

I found out about this event fairly last minute and even with a very busy school and training schedule it was hard to get to all the places I had wished, but here are a couple places I tried during the event and my insights.


Rawlicious Yorkville – A place that was already on my to-go list and a 3 course meal for $15; I was in.  My meal consisted of a zucchini roll, a couple fritters, and what seemed like a pizza.  I’ve had some amazing raw vegan food in the past, but unfortunately this place fell short.  Some elements really stood out while others were forgettable.  The pizza base, a thick green sauce kind of like pesto (but of course without the cheese), was really an excellent part of the meal.  Thankfully I picked up a salted caramel square which was good, but other than that I’m still kind of disappointed.

IMG_8706 IMG_8711

Bunner’s Bake Shop Kensington Market – This was a great new find and I have visited there since Veggielicious because it was just that good!  Their deal during the few weeks was a pocket and cookie for $5! What a steal.  Although their prices are very reasonable regularly, it definitely got me off my butt to try something new.  Normally I’m not the biggest fan of pizza pockets and that kind of stuff but this has officially converted me.  I had their chili cheese pocket which was packed with flavour and ooey gooey strands of vegan cheese (which tasted amazing).  To top it all off I got to choose from their vast selection of delicious looking cookies; I chose their chocolate mint holiday cookie!  A little center filled with minty frosting made the whole thing that much better.  Yum!

With my short notice and busy schedule I was glad to at least try out some cool new places.  Can’t wait for Winterlicious and so many other Toronto food festivals coming this winter!

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