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The Locale: Marché 27

The last couple days have been busy; I’m still on the mend and I’m still working on adjusting my diet to accommodate my lack of chewing capabilities.  With this in mind and my sudden craving of tartare, our next destination was Marché 27.

If you’ve read my food truck summary you’ve seen that Route 27 was a favourite from the summer and it happens to be that this restaurant is the mecca of it all.   (Here’s the link for those interested click here)

On a quiet enclave of Prince Arthur just west of St-Laurent, a little cluster of restaurants were quietly starting to entice hungry lunch-goers.  Without hesitation however we had our sights set on this raw menu gem.



When walking in, the minimal décor and chalkboards give the allure of a simple but stylish locale; banquettes run along the length of the room covered in windows letting in the natural light, flanked by grey, black, and white pillows opposite glossy chic, occasional chairs.  The chalkboards facing the section of tables covered every vertical section with their varying menus from tartare styles to 5 à 7 drinks.  Although the walls were covered in true vintage style subway tiles, the clean and simple space was casual but still cozy.

The concept of this restaurant is really cool; pick your meat, then pick your style of dressing.  However, after hearing the special I didn’t even have to look at the menu.

IMG_9284 IMG_9289

To start it all off, the special included pistachio encrusted goat cheese balls.  The crusty exterior and soft center warmed me from the inside out.  On a bed of arugula leaves and a honey dressing, the entrée was a perfect balance of creamy, bitter, and sweet.


We also shared a butternut squash soup that had a little hit of spice that hit deep and warmed us up despite the damp and chilly day outside.

Carrying on, we all got tartare, of course.  Tuna, Salmon, and my beef tartare were all spot on delicious!

IMG_9294 IMG_9292

The Ahi Tuna was paired with the Japanese style which came as a recommendation from our helpful waiter Sam and the Salmon with their ancient style.  The Japanese style with the tuna tasted like a meaty version of sushi that mixed both flavours and textures.  Similarly, the salmon paired well with a mix of pickles and Dijon; a classic.

IMG_9299 IMG_9302 IMG_9304

My special however was a bit of a special case.  Not only was the tartare exquisite, but it was layered between soft slices of mozzarella and tomato.  It really made for a sky-scraper of a meal when it was presented but the mix of all the layers was a very well-rounded ensemble.  The plate was dressed with drizzles of an aged balsamic that was still balancing the sour elements with the sweetness that starts to develop with time.  That punch of acidity, basil, and fresh ingredients was a throwback to those same components I enjoyed on my own trip to Italy this past summer.

The soft meat went down so smoothly and very much agreed with my difficulties over the past few days.

Although my mouth still didn’t allow it, each of the dishes was sided with a generous portion of toasted baguette slices on which to spread the tartare; a serious problem at other restaurants that don’t understand this necessity (3 or 4 pieces for show doesn’t cut it).


To round it all off, who can say no to a Nanaimo sundae? A true Canadian dessert if you ask me.  Bits of Nanaimo squares had been layered with vanilla ice cream and caramel drizzle.  Yum!  This tall order is definitely made to share and was picture perfect as it hit our table while the flavours matched it’s picturesque layers.

For tartare lovers or those just wanting to try their first bite (if you haven’t tried it yet, you better get on that!), this is a definite must.  A trendy spot for dinner, drinks and an all-round amazing experience!


  1. Oh wow everything looks so delicious!! I heard so many good things about Marché 27 but I didn’t get the chance to try it out yet. I’ll definitively stop by during the holiday break! ❤


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