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The Locale: La Forge

As most of you can see, Mont-Tremblant is my home away from home; the skiing, the friends, my family, all together in one place.  Therefore I’ve had the opportunity to check out a number of restaurants in the town’s and the resort’s villages.  This year over the holidays, we had only one night for a dinner out; so we took the opportunity and headed to a local venue, La Forge.


La Forge is right in the middle of the Mont-Tremblant resort village in the Place St-Bernard.  The restaurant has two floors, each with a different mood and menu.  The downstairs level is more Quebec style pub food like burgers, nachos, or the classic poutine whereas upstairs is a charming steak restaurant that boasts a more elegant atmosphere.

To date, my favourite carpaccio is from here; a flavourful wapiti (game) meat topped with arugula and shaved parmesan.  Although there isn’t anything truly original about this dish, not that there has to be, it’s really all about the flavour of the meat.  The thin slices of wapiti have a rich and game-y taste to them that is surprisingly mild and speaks for itself.


The steak selection at this place is ideal; the menu presents a variety of meats and cuts but also provides some dishes one wouldn’t normally find at a steak house which influenced my main decision of the night.  The rigatoni pasta and filet mignon had my mouth watering having only read the description.  Mixed amongst bits of mushroom and asparagus, the filet pieces were well-cooked and combined with a perfectly aldente rigatoni.  The mushroom sauce really brought it home with its rich taste and texture that brought this dish to a whole different level of comfort food; the perfect, cozy meal on a cold-winter night (this was before the temperature went up).



This was my little bit of the cowboy cut, how juicy is that?

This was my little bit of the cowboy cut, how juicy is that?

Others amongst our selection included bone-in ribeye, New York steak, and believe it or not, a 40oz. cowboy cut!  If you’re going with a big group and wouldn’t mind sharing something, this is the best option.  The meat is succulent like you wouldn’t believe and perfectly pink in the center.  The marbled cut has ridiculous amounts of flavour and comes with a selection of sides we couldn’t even finish off ourselves.


Not the best picture, but you get the point - it looks so yummy!

Not the best picture, but you get the point – it looks so yummy!

Lastly, how could one skip dessert?  No matter how full we were feeling, we soon made our decisions including a New York cheesecake, lava cake, and pudding chômeur.  The cheesecake was crumbling dreamily, the lava cake was hot and melt-in-your-mouth, but the biggest surprise to my dad was that we had never had pudding chômeur.  How could one even call themselves a Quebecer (and me a food blogger) without having tried one of these classics, he said.    Although there were copious amounts of sugar like any Quebec dessert, it was a definite success.  The delicious pudding at the center was both light and airy that managed to absorb enormous amounts of sugar and caramel syrup.  Although it would not be my first choice, this definitely was not the fault of the restaurant.

All in all, it was a great meal between the five of us (the only time during the break) and resulted in successfully full bellies and an enjoyable time together.

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