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TO: The Detox Market

2015, I still can’t believe it when I have to write it down.  With the New Year often also come resolutions.  Although I don’t really like making any kind of resolution, this might be an inspiration or helpful tidbit for those who do.


Back in December I visited Toronto’s Detox Market.  Located on King Street not far east from Spadina, the quaint little store doesn’t just focus on cleanses like the name might suggest but has a huge variety of local ingredients and products that have your health in mind.

The first thing I realized was the selection of Greenhouse Juice Co. beverages located in a fridge upon entering; being one of my favourite stops for smoothies and juices in the big city, I was getting very excited about the other delicious finds.  After a quick walk around, the beauty products, teas, soaps, and food were all catching my eye but I settled on picking up some delicious looking soups and a tantalizing tea.

IMG_8687 IMG_8683

It was just two days ago when I finally tried my first find: the Soup Girl’s spicy coconut lentil soup!  This healthy soup option for dinner was also extremely easy.  All I had to do was pour the ingredients in 8 cups of water, bring to a boil, and simmer for a total of an hour.  The taste of the soup was also a huge hit! The coconut was subtly sweet and the variety of spices added in made for a very flavourful bowl.  I really love cuddling up with a warm soup, especially on the cold night it was.  Even though I’ve shared some of my big batch of soup over the past couple days, there has also been ample for leftovers!  Can’t wait to try my other soup, the detox.

IMG_8699 IMG_9639 IMG_9640

My other purchase was a box of a few tea bags by Tealish.  The Skinny Mini tea was the smell that captured me most.  The tea has a very herbal yet sweet smell to it which continues once it’s been steeped.  It has continued to be one of my go-to’s for a delicious drink!

If you’re either interested in getting a fresh start or just looking for something new, you should definitely pay the Detox Market a visit this new year with its enormous selection of just about everything you need!


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