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Juicy Juice


It’s been a while since we’ve seen this juicing and juice trend on the rise but at the same time I can’t believe it was one year ago that I first go on board.  Last fall while coming back from a tempo practice at Mount Pleasant, I noticed an adorable little shed-like boutique taking shape.  It caught my eye with its wood panelling and bright white paint; it left a little mark in my mind so I made the conscientious effort to go by there again and take a closer look.  With a sign that said opening soon and a website to follow, I quickly looked it up to find out the details of this new storefront.  That little house is now known by Torontonians and all my friends from elsewhere as Greenhouse Juice Co. in which I have shared and gushed about their juices and success.

IMG_9697 IMG_9701

Although I’ve never tried a true juice cleanse, whenever I needed a long walk and a healthy treat along the way, this was the place I go.  Their fun flavours and combinations always had me coming back as well as their blog posts that had me wanting more.  One of my other favourite perks is the free yoga class and 250mL juice once you’ve returned 10 bottles (keep that in mind!).  The yoga class got me excited about getting back into practicing which I have strived to continue (I would also return to the Roots studio across the street in a heartbeat).

Studying after my first visit with a bottle of Pink Milk!

Studying after my first visit with a bottle of Pink Milk!

Now, the fun part: juices.  I’ve tried a whole array of their juices over the past year but these are my personal faves: Wake Up, East of Eden, Gold Rush, and Choco-Maca Milk.  My first visit I grabbed a Pink Milk and Gold Rush; still being one of my favourites, Gold Rush has a great zing of freshness to it and although Pink Milk isn’t one of my go-to’s (I just found it a little too sweet), I know lots of people who call this one a classic.  East of Eden is another great one that has a whole load of nutrients but tastes much more of fresh apple than anything else.  Wake Up and Choco-Maca Milk were a couple additions later and are by far my top two.  I’m a huge fan of grapefruit juice; once paired with their cayenne and other citruses, I was in heaven.  Once I have a bottle in my fridge, it’s the first thing I want to drink in the morning; it really does wake me up and kick me into high gear.  Lastly, the Choco-Maca Milk is a sweet and dairy-free alternative to chocolate milk but has a kick of nutty-ness that I can’t resist.  The sweetness of the dates and the raw cocoa make chocolate milk like no other.



This recent visit of mine, I picked up a new flavour in which I hadn’t yet tried: Piloto.  This coffee and Brazil nut duo is just enough creamy and not too much coffee for me.  Taking a little sip was all I needed to pick me up in the afternoon.

IMG_9709 IMG_9708

Among other juice places I’ve tried, this one I find really sets itself apart; the flavours are somewhat strange when you first read them but it soon all makes sense once you’ve given them a try!


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