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Winterlicious Lowdown

I only got hooked on this phenomenon a year ago, but ever since then I have been waiting with much anticipation for this beloved Toronto event.  Generally known for the prix fixe menus across town, the Winterlicious event, for me, has been the best opportunity to try a bunch of restaurants I might not have otherwise.  This year I already have quite a few plans for these two weeks (January 30th-February 12th) which I will definitely be posting about as they come.  For now, I know I’ve had a fair number of people ask me about my suggestions for the event so here they are!

I won’t be visiting all these suggestions of course, but these menus are the ones that captured my attention and I’m hoping yours will be as well.

Veda's Choice

Mildred’s Temple Kitchen – I’ve visited this place for brunch and it blew me away, (see review here) but I have yet to experience their other menu selection.  The friendly staff and gorgeous décor make me want to go back on a weekly basis if that’s possible.  Their short ribs and chicken and waffles are what immediately capture my attention on this Winterlicious menu; don’t even get me started on the desserts – how will someone be able to choose?

MoRoCo Chocolat – I have trouble pronouncing this one because every time I say it like I’m speaking French (which is the correct way to say it) people give me a funny look.  Other than that, my experiences have been nothing close to negative.  Macarons taste like they are filled with true French flair and their homemade marshmallows will surely impress.  Not only does their dinner menu include a tartare, I fell in love with truffles this summer which is also in their mac and cheese dish offered both at lunch and at dinner.

The Drake

The Drake Hotel – I attended a wedding here a few years ago and have been to a few art openings since then, each time being better than the last.  The atmosphere here is unbeatable for a cozy yet hip locale.  As for the menu, their selection of local meat and vegetables offer an especially good bang for your buck if you want to support the local farmers and retailers.  With a banana chocolate cake on their menu, I think it would be difficult to avoid paying these guys a visit.

Scaddabush – A classic Italian restaurant.   Their entrees are what really interest me here, a spicy calamari, avocado and goat cheese bruschetta, and Italian wedding soup all sound really good; off to a good start!  And although their main courses sound delicious as well, my eye immediately spotted the Tiramisu at the bottom of the page.  Just like any good tiramisu that is made with mascarpone, not whipped cream, it’s bound to be an excellent choice!

The Blake House – Located in a heritage buidling in downtown Toronto that mixes a variety of architectural styles, the menu here grabbed me at once.  With samosas, boeuf bourguignon, handmade gnocci, and a delicious dessert menu with carrot cake and chocolate Kahlua mousse, I think it would be difficult to make decisions here but in the best way possible!  I’m always for restoration in architecture so once you add food into the mix, this place sounds like it way made for me!

Café Boulud – Maybe I’m particularly attracted to this place for its recent publication in the Toronto Cooks cookbook but I usually stay away from big chains or hotels, with this as the exception.  Not only is Café Boulud known for their renowned chefs, their menu here similarly grabs any foodie’s attention.  From their hazelnut and scallop entrée to beef “pot of feu” to a pear chocolate gateau, if you’re looking for one of the pricier options at this event, I’d be interested in this place for sure.

Of course the classic Oliver & Bonacini restaurants are always a popular option.  I’ve never heard great reviews from anyone here but if you’re keen on trying it out, go for it!

Hope this is of some help and guidance to my friends and followers for the upcoming event but make sure to make some reservations well in advance because places fill up quickly! And don’t fret, there are plenty more pictures to come…

Event website:

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