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Dinner by Design at DX


It was a bit of a hectic morning as I tried to fit in a visit to the new Dinner by Design exhibit at the Design Exchange before heading home for the weekend.  Right off the bat I’d like to say that this unique display is only available until Sunday, so if you’re interested in home décor, design, or anything of the like be sure to check it out!  (At only $5 plus taxes, it’s really worth it!)

Located on the old trading floor, the open space was ideal for placing the selection of 11 different dining installations; both in their own space yet connected to one another through the common theme.  Each installation had been curated by local and/or globally renowned designers with free-reigns to express their vision of an ideal place setting.  Some of the more familiar names included Sarah Richardson Designs and Toronto’s new I-V design studio.


The relatively easy-going exhibit doesn’t require much reading but engages far more in terms of visual content.  A few of my favourite designs I could have stood in front of for age, taking in every bit of detail from the walls to the selection of glassware and tableware.


As I am truly fascinated by the installations, this exhibit combined two of my favourite things: eating and design.  For those who like to put in the effort for making up a table for birthdays, holidays, or your average gathering, switching up little elements in your décor can be inexpensive and capable of changing the atmosphere at the table.

IMG_9935 IMG_9937

One design in particular by KPMB Architects incorporated insightful yet amusing quotes in the design of their dining table.  From guests to service, the quotes made humorous statements about your guests but also communicated the changes in aesthetics that might differently engage the visitors and represent the fare with a certain dignity, or not.

IMG_9916 IMG_9920

Of my particular favourites was Sarah Richardson’s setting whose décor I recognized without having to look at the sign.  The mix of colours and patterns oozed her unique spirit of subtle yet playful eclectic style.  The best part of the installation however was the shadows cast on the surrounding walls which gave a particularly cozy, outdoor feeling to the intimate space.

IMG_9950 IMG_9957

Burdifilek was another stand-out design that incorporated little ferns along the length of the table.  The gorgeous and thick section of naturally twisted wood was the true centerpiece.  Everything else was quite simple but echoed the natural vibe and formed a simple sophistication.

IMG_9941 IMG_9945

Center stage was an enormous table designed by Hariri Pontarini Architects.  The thing that stood out most, to me, was the coziness brought by the felt and blanket stitching along the table cloth.  The setting had been completely surrounded by cut out hearts along the back wall, through the center of the table, and on the ceiling; love was surely in the air.  The large table spoke to me of gatherings with family and friend where chatter could continue on late into the night.  If I could only install those floating gold hearts in my own apartment…

Be sure to check out this fun installation before the weekend is up and comment back to let me know what you think!

IMG_9914 IMG_9908

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