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Fueling up at Fuel+

With an enormous break between classes on Tuesdays before heading down to Ryerson, over the past few weeks I have begun exploring coffee shops and study spots on the other side of Yonge.  Although geographically speaking it isn’t very far, my main focus is usually to find somewhere nearby so that I can get right into my books.  Luckily my search for new cafés can now be accommodated in my busy school schedule!


While walking down Church on a cold and cloudy afternoon, I was pretty desperate to find a place to sit down and study as I walked right by a sign that read: Butter Coffee.  Yes, you heard that right.  Butter. Judging by the look of it and the fact that this storefront was called Fuel+, I decided that it was well worth a try and it probably won’t totally kill my arteries.


This little vegan shop with beyond friendly staff made me realize that the butter coffee wasn’t your traditional butter but instead had some important fatty nutrients.  So why the heck not? The surprisingly light and slightly bitter coffee was a definite boost for my night class but didn’t cause an unnecessary high followed by a low.  The creamy beverage was like drinking a healthy delicacy that would make you want to go back for more (I know I will).


Their beautifully stacked fuel balls were a perfect mid-afternoon snack.  With peanut butter, cinnamon sugar, and a rotating third flavour which was maple walnut all had me blown away.  Unlike my energy clusters, they used rice krispies that make them lighter and make you taste the sweetness in the sugars and peanut butter even more.  Out of the three I’d have to give it to the maple walnut; the sweet taste of maple syrup went perfectly with the walnuts that complimented each other’s earthy tastes.


In need of a quick dinner as well, I picked up a wrap that they warmed up as I headed out a couple hours later.  This was another huge score!

After making my round and picking up my treats, I set myself up by the big window overlooking the street.  My little spot still gave me ample room to take out my books and get into my readings while the friendly staff was a pleasure to chat with when I needed a few minutes to regroup.


This place will definitely be seeing a lot of me before the end of semester!

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