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The Blake House

Even though the groundhog was scared back into his hole today, it doesn’t mean Torontonians have to be; Winterlicious has only just started!

The Blake House on Saturday night was our first pick for this year’s Winterlicious.  One of the things that interested me most about this place was the fact that it was in a heritage building; the old brick, layout, and windows all resonated the essence of old Victorian architecture.

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Although the restaurant itself was a little more pub-like than I have anticipated, this didn’t scare us away.  To start it all off, their beef samosas and beet and feta salad were our choices for appetizers.  The warm beef samosas were nice and crispy on the outside and super flavourful on the inside which could be dunked in their chive dip to balance it all off.  Although they were a lot less spicy than any samosa I had ever had, I would consider this a good thing.  The salad was also a great choice as it had no shortage of cheese and just enough dressing to coat every leaf.  It was a simple choice, but none the less good.

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After having a few bites of our main dishes, we decided to switch it up between the two of us.  My beef bourguignon was delicious, but the gnocci with cheese and garlic cream sauce had me floored.   What hadn’t been mentioned on the menu was the acidic and citrusy addition of lemon juice and zest.  The subtle addition made a world of difference as it cut right through the typically dense sauce without compromising its flavour but added a zest that made the dish feel lighter than air.  The gnocci themselves were also hand-made and to true Italian taste.  A real winner in my books!


To top it all off, carrot cake and cream cheese icing was my favourite part of the dessert menu.  Although the chocolate mousse was also good, as I had had a bite of it as well, the cream cheese icing was in no short supply and was the perfectly smooth layer both on top and right through the middle.

I’m not really sure what their menu holds for the rest of the year, but it was great to try something completely out of my normal geographical box that I wouldn’t have tried otherwise!

(As for the photos, I’ve been doing some reading on how to improve quality and my photography abilities, so hopefully by next time I’ll have them looking even better.  In the meantime, I hope my writing can elevate these suckers)

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