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La Poutine (Week)


It’s true, La Poutine Week exists.  This really cool concept where participating restaurants across Quebec and Ontario can offer poutine specials for a lower price engages people to try new combos and vote on their favourite ones in hopes of coming out on top!

First of all, just to clear any misunderstanding, if you want a real poutine then a restaurant in downtown Toronto is definitely not a true testament to the dish that is becoming renowned around the world.  Some people say that Toronto is turning into the new capital but unless you find a somewhat deserted-looking shack in the middle of nowhere with no service in English, you’re not experiencing a poutine to its fullest.  As I try to defend our (Quebecers’) title, importing all the ingredients like cheese curds and maple syrup also makes it a little less authentic.  Sorry.

BUUTTTT this doesn’t mean a good poutine can’t exist in the big TO.  Although I don’t eat poutines weekly, my favourite place to go is by far Fancy Franks.  Also home to some of the best hot dogs around, their poutines are packed with flavour and cheese that would make any Quebecer proud.

IMG_0251 IMG_0243

For this Poutine Week, Frank’s special was the Porker; because it’s not enough to have a heart attack without bacon!  Loaded up with bacon, ground chorizo, grilled onions, and topped with a mountain of scallions; this poutine sure packs a punch.


The ground chorizo was one of the best parts and was an original addition, if you ask me.   The spices in the chorizo added a whole depth of flavour to a poutine that I never thought imaginable while adding hardiness in the form of a solid protein.  The bacon and grilled onions highlighted the sweet elements that complimented the spices of the chorizo and topped off the flavour profile.  My favourite part however was probably the added scallions.  Their crunchiness added a jolt of freshness rounded out the whole plate from flavour to texture.

It might not be traditional, but I can say with a fair amount of confidence that this fancy poutine can still please fanatics regardless of geography.

(By the way, this poutine is always available on their regular menu so don’t feel like you’ve missed out!)


Go out and enjoy!

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