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MTK for Winterlicious


Mildred’s Temple Kitchen continues to be one of my favourite places to eat!  Their brunch is probably one of the most known in the city but their enthusiasm about Winterlicious might even out-do it! During the two weeks of the event, they only offer their Winterlicious menu which they have clearly poured their heart and souls into.  This was one of my most anticipated restaurants during Winterlicious and even with my high expectations; they blew me and all my anticipations away!


Greeting us with warm roasted garlic, cheddar, and thyme biscuits to start it all off, you can tell right away that you’re at Mildred’s Temple Kitchen because that kind of attention to detail and freshly made goodness is unlike anywhere else.



I was torn but eventually settled on the tea cured trout appetizer while also sharing tastes for the pork rillettes.  The trout itself was very good but the accoutrements were the essential part to completing the dish.  So many different textures made the mouth dance with every bite; onions and apple slices for crunch, a little lettuce, pickled rye berries for a little bit of grain, and the best part was the whipped cream cheese.  While making a mess on my plate to get bits and pieces of everything on the fork at a time, it was phenomenal.

The pork rillettes was a simple dish in comparison but didn’t miss on the flavour.  This delicious option had Dijon mustard and a sweet onion jam that made a delightful mouthful when topped on their homemade bread.

IMG_0718 IMG_0726

I know it’s a trendy food right now, but I’ve never been one to say no to ribs.  These slow-braised beef short ribs on top of herb polenta and garlic kale was the ultimate in comfort food.  Just like perfect ribs, they fell off the bone without so much as a nudge from my fork.  The comforting flavours of coffee and black olive caramel were the perfect thing anyone needed to keep them away from the cold day outside.

Also stopping at our table was the chicken and waffles!  I have come around to my dislike of fried chicken and it’s precisely because of restaurants like this.  The crispy outside still had juicy chicken on the inside and was topped with a dollop of sour cream but the bite wasn’t complete until you get a good piece of the rye waffle and rhubarb compote in there as well.

After cleaning off our dinner plates, we started to think about dessert (regardless of how full we were already).  Being a huge sticky toffee pudding fan, that one was in!  Along with the chocolate marquis.


The sticky toffee pudding was on point, as was the marquis.  Both dishes had sweet elements (of course) but were contrasted with something either salty or savoury.  The toffee pudding was paired with a crème fraiche that reduced the immediate sweetness of the toffee but still let the sweet flavour in.  On the other hand, the chocolate marquis was topped with pretzel bits and a salted caramel sauce for a salty contrast; that little bit extra oomph.


I cannot stress enough how much I love that contrast between sweet and salty, or savoury.  That combination proves to me that dessert isn’t all about getting on a sugar high but provides so much more to play with in terms of flavour.

I really hope with all this food talk lately that I’ve at least encouraged a few more of you to go out and try a menu (Winterlicious or not) that you wouldn’t have otherwise.  But remember, Winterlicious ends on Thursday so get going!

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