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The Locale: MoRoCo Chocolat

My last Winterlicious for 2015 but it was a good one!  Some plans had been rearranged last minute but luckily we managed to save the day and still got a yummy dinner in.  Accompanying me to this dinner was another one of my classmates from my summer abroad in Italy who has shown lots of interest and enthusiasm in my blog development which I have truly appreciated.  So lots of thanks for that Laura! (And many others I know)


I don’t know what it is but every time I finish with exams, midterms, or a stressful week, all I’m craving is tartare.  It’s super random, I know, but luckily I got my fix here at MoRoCo after having a week full of essays and a long midterm.  The tuna tartare appetizer on top of fresh avocado was light and refreshing with a slight bit of zest and crunch from the onions mixed in; it hit the spot.


The two of us were pretty torn on what to get for the main; either the truffled mac and cheese or the burger; both sounded amazing so we agreed to share and taste-test each other’s.  The Mac and Cheese was my choice with its super gooey macaroni which had been thrown in the oven to get a crunchy exterior layer of cheese and panko breadcrumbs.  Topped with a few chives, the dish was the ultimate in comfort food.


The burger was also an excellent choice!  The juicy burger was full of flavour and slathered in a delicious Dijon mayonnaise.  To the side was a generous helping of thin, crispy, sweet potato fries with a little pot of mayonnaise (I’m guessing the same Dijon as it had a little bit of a kick) which went perfectly with the sweetness of the fries.

IMG_0801 IMG_0795

IMG_0804 IMG_0817

To top it all off, we ordered the cheesecake and funfetti cake for dessert.  The rich and creamy cheese cake was one of the best I’ve had in a while (not better than yours Mummy!) and Amarena cherries and somewhat sour coulis were the best way to round out the rich taste.  The funfetti cake was made of red velvet with cream cheese icing and topped with sprinkles that brought you right back to that sugary childhood obsession.  The icing was the best part if you ask me, it was dense and every little bit creamy.


To make the whole night even better, we were one of the last people leaving and as we walked through the little boutique and admired the delicious looking chocolates and delicate macarons when the woman working there offered us each a raspberry and marshmallow flavoured treat.  After a huge thanks regardless if we were full already, we had room for one more of those little guys.  The marshmallow flavour was prominent in the filling and the raspberry was deliciously sweet.  Too hard to pass up!

It was a great night full of delicious food and even better company!  I’ll definitely be paying MoRoCo another visit when I decide to venture into more macaron tasting.

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