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A Weekend Away at Mont Sainte-Anne

An excellent weekend to kick off reading week!  With my brother’s mogul competition taking place at Mont Sainte-Anne I figured it would be a great opportunity to spend some time with him and my parents while cheering him on at his provincial event.  He made the podium both days!  A huge congrats to him.

I’ve skied Mont Sainte-Anne on many different occasions over my skiing years but I’d have to say that this past weekend was the best of them all.  We were out early every morning and skied freshly groomed corduroy and bumps for hours before they looked tracked; there were basically no crowds!


Our Saturday (Valentine’s Day) had to be the best of them all!  Although the weather was cold, the snow was great, there were blue skies, and we were greeted with champagne and cheese and crackers as soon as the ski day was done.  It’s pretty hard for any day to beat that!

IMG_0426 IMG_0427

Another Valentine bonus was the gift we received while going up the gondola.  A little box filled with Turtles chocolates and free tire (maple taffy – for those not from Quebec) coupons were the ultimate V-day gift from the resort; total chance but what a great surprise!

One of the most memorable moments from the weekend however had to have been dinner that night.  At the Bistro Nordik in the Chateau Mont Sainte-Anne we had the hockey game on in the background and a beautiful dinner to boast.


A Valentine’s Day treat offered by the restaurant started us off with an amuse-bouche of prepared foie gras.  This rich delicacy was spot on and warmed us up from the inside out.  Following this I ordered a forest mushroom and baked gnocci entrée with a carrot reduction.  The perfectly proportioned started was full of flavour and presented a wide-variety of textures from the pan-friend mushrooms, to the soft and delicate gnocci, and combined by the sauce flowing between the different elements on the plate.


If that wasn’t enough, my favourite was up next: beef tartare.  The bigger chunks of meat gave a rustic feel to the normally more manicured dish.  The twist here was also in the form of house-made, oven-baked chips in which you could place the tartare.  The salty-ness of the chips was even more pleasing to the palette and didn’t fill you up as much as a slice of baguette would have.  The combination of flavour and texture I found to be truly original; a great little tweak to a classic.


Believe it or not, they even had a chocolate salted caramel pyramid on the menu which instantly grabbed me.  It took a while for me to reach the caramel sauce but when I did, it sure didn’t disappoint.  The salt was evident but not obtrusively so in a way that amped up the chocolate with more range of flavour.

Luckily our boys (the Habs, duh!) won and rounded out the night to perfection!

It’s always such a treat for me to spend so much time with the fam all the while doing the things I love most (aka skiing and eating).  And I still have a whole week of it ahead!  (We’ll see if I say the same 7 days from now – kidding!)

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