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Birthday Specials

Now I’m sure a lot of you are starting to get tired of me talking about birthdays and I swear it’s almost all over but being a student and all (like I know most of you reading this are), I want to take advantage of all the discounts and specials I can.  During birthday season, tons of stores offer specials for their customers just to celebrate the one time of year that’s really all about you.  That’s why I’m happy to share some of my secrets that I more than encourage you all to take part in!

Although a lot of these places require you to enter your email and sign up for their newsletters, most of the stores don’t send out dozens a day, so I think it’s still way worth it (plus, they give you fashion, beauty, and other updates throughout the year to stay in the loop).


Menchie’s – One of my favourites here (ice cream is my kryptonite). If you have an avid frozen yogurt eater, I’m sure you have a Menchie’s card already that offers some great opportunities for free bowls throughout the year.  On top of this, for your birthday they credit your card with $5 worth of frozen yogurt too!


Sephora – Another staple for any girl.  If you’re a beauty insider at Sephora, your card will get you’re a free gift during the month of your birthday.  Although I don’t find their points redemption program particularly great on your return, the birthday special is always a huge deal!  I’ve gotten gifts worth over $30 dollars before and it’s not like you have to spend a monthly or yearly minimum to get the card.


Booster Juice – More food!  If you register on the Booster Juice website, you get a coupon for a free regular sized smoothie; perfectly refreshing and a great meal option too.

Kula Yoga Annex – If anyone is into doing yoga, if you’ve visited or registered with Kula in the past, you have to submit your birthday too which means you get a free yoga class during the week of your birthday!  Definitely worth getting a sweat on before redeeming that Menchie’s (am I right?)!

ASOS – If anyone hasn’t discovered this gold mine yet, you need to get on that.  This British online clothing store has an amazing selection of clothes for men and women including their own (very affordable) lines.  For any online shopper in Canada, customs and taxes are always a nuisance to deal with before you can even get your hands on your package, but ASOS handles all that for you in the initial cost (Yay!) and they offer free shipping on orders over $45.  On your birthday, they even give you a 10% off offer for you to redeem before the end of the month.

Anthropologie – Another great deal that offers 15% off if you are an Anthro card holder.  The card doesn’t get you anything for the rest of the year, but the discount during the month of your birthday helps.

David’s Tea – Last but not least, enjoy a free cup of tea from David’s Tea on your birthday for frequent steeper! (I think we all know I’m one)

These are just a few of the typical discounts that I like to redeem around my birthday, so I’m hoping you will all keep these in mind for the coming year and possibly take advantage once that time comes around!

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  1. These are really good tips…I will definitely take advantage of David’s. I would add Aveda to the list because they give you a free product on your birthday and it’s usually pretty good.


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