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The New Drake

I think we can all agree that neither of the Drake’s restaurants are a disappointment, but the true difference at the relatively new Drake OneFifty is their new vs. old character change that still exceeds at infusing the space with their funky and eclectic character that everyone in this city is thriving on these days.  I was dying to try this place!

I’m a sucker for the old vs. new contrast in décor so I was instantly captivated when walking amongst the tables and finally sitting down at our table by the window.  The cozy banquettes and thick wood tables were filled with mostly young professionals that needed a drink (or two) after a long day at work; who can blame them?

The selection on the menu seemed to be like some of the typical trendy menus I’ve seen around the city, but of course just like anything the Drake does, there had to be a twist.  A Big Mac Tartare? I’m serious, this was on the menu and despite that I’m a huge fan, I wanted something a little different, so I guess I’ll just have to go back some other time!


After a glass of wine in hand myself, we were chatting away when our appetizer came to us.  Three juicy meatballs and spicy tomato sauce accurately named Nonna’s Meatballs were a comforting, homey start on this cold winter night.  They were rich with just a hint of spice and warmed every little bit of us.  Spread onto their thick cut slices of bread, it was an excellent start!


IMG_0912 IMG_0914

With lots of room still in our bellies, steak frites and a One Fifty Burger were coming our way.  My big juicy burger hit the spot!  The melted cheddar, bacon, and Russian dressing topped the charts as an awesome combination but the bun completed the whole package.  The homemade buns met the appropriate ratio of meat to bun; because no one wants to be left with that bit of bun at the end.

And their fries! We were in no shortage whatsoever but somehow they still get polished off because their crunchiness is just too temptingly delicious.

IMG_0926 IMG_0930

The biggest surprise for me however has to have been the dessert.  The chocolate-choux sounded delicious with the combination of hazelnuts, mango, and dark chocolate therefore we ordered it.  But once we dug our spoons into it, I was completely surprised by the other flavours that I was noticing including a soft pastry exterior and a coffee cream on the inside; an excellent surprise I might also add.  I didn’t want to stop and believe me, we didn’t.  It was gone very quickly!

I guess we’ll just have to go back for more!

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