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Square Sushi

So I normally post about my fun new recipe trials or favourite spots to grab a bite, but I never really talk about my many failed trials.  Today was one of them.  I was extremely excited to try out a little contraption I had bought way back in the summer, the rice cube.  Rather than fussing with the whole rolling mat and sticky rice to make homemade sushi, this cube is meant to be filled with rice and then compressed using the form so that it all sticks together.

IMG_0994 IMG_0996

I had my tuna, avocado, rice, sesame and poppy seeds all laid out to give this toy a run and see how applicable it actually was.  Now I had never made sushi before, but the videos look so easy! (of course)

After stuffing the square full of rice and compressing with all my force, I finally managed to come out with a cube of rice.  Immediately determined to keep on going, I threw some more ingredients in, including the tuna and some small pieces of avocado, squeezed it all together and out came a cube! I was so pumped so as I started to roll it around in the poppy seeds to add more flavour, the cube slowly started to dismantle.  Long story short, with various valiant efforts, I never really managed to get a beautiful cube like the pictures showed.

IMG_0983 IMG_0989 IMG_0993 IMG_1002

So if you count this as a review, it’s definitely not the most practical of kitchen tools but even at 22, I really enjoyed myself; apparently playing with your food never gets old!

No matter how nice my photos, posts, or comments make all this seems, I just wanted to point out that not everything ends so beautifully but writing this blog and all of its different trials have been a huge excitement throughout the stressful weeks of school this year.  On to another great one!

P.S. I’ll most likely be leaving all this fun to the pros from now on…

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