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Her Majesty’s Pleasure

I’ve been dying at the thought of this one and I’m just so pumped to finally be writing about it; it being Her Majesty’s Pleasure.  Not only does this place boast a cool, fun vibe but it combines basically everything anyone could dream of in one place.  We’re talking part café, part bar, part salon and hangout.  What!

I’ve been here a couple times so far and I was beyond excited yesterday to be spending an afternoon totally dedicated to my girls Steph and Amelia.  With an awesome “heat wave” deal offered for customers in the know (check out Instagram guys!), we were heading down for some manis, drinks, and a good catch-up sesh.


Dividing the areas up were these gorgeous glass windowed walls that let ample daylight in and make the space glow in the afternoon light.  Bookshelves are adorned with the most adorable dog figurines along with none of than fashion icon books like Chanel.  White marble counter tops and small touches of blues, greys, and yellows keep the space looking so simple and chic!

IMG_0842 IMG_0844


As you walk towards the back and into the salon portion, every girl’s dream is basically staring right at you; a wall of nail polish boasting basically every colour in the book.  After much contemplation, we sat down at the bar where the sweetest women were taking care of us.  Some drinks in hand and a little treat on the side; we were set!

IMG_0832 IMG_0834

The customer care was beyond what I expected; everyone there was so friendly and giving us tips on cuticle oils, polishes, and everything in between.  Unlike other places you might find along the same stretch of King Street, this place was open and so welcoming to everyone.

I also find it so cool how it wasn’t just girls getting themselves pampered.  Even the guys out there reading this, I swear there were people getting work done in the café and some even getting pedicures (believe me, some of you guys could use it!).  Without the typical “girly” elements in salons, this place just oozes out the cool, modern vibe that everyone is digging these days.

Their selection in the cafe is also top notch; they’ve got muffins, cookies, scones, salads, you name it!  The chai latte is also one of the best I’ve had in a while.  Without being overly sweet, it hits the spot and gets me totally focused on the books (when I have to).

IMG_0713 IMG_0700 IMG_0605

If you can, check out this place yourself, you won’t regret it.  Believe me, we’ll be back soon too!



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