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It was on a fun afternoon walk along Queen West when I discovered my new favourite T shop: Kit and Ace.  The simple décor and adorable little neon light are what intrigued me to explore this pop-up shop I had yet to check out.  T-shirts are one of my favourites by far; just a simple, soft T can go a long way and goes with any pair of jeans hands down.  With the general selection being in the whites, greys, and blues, I was immediately intrigued to get my hands on one of these soft beauties.  Not only are these shirts well-fitted but the blend of cotton and cashmere would make the simplest of outfits feel that much more luxurious.  If you’re looking for your new favourite tee, look no further than this adorable shop that will be permanently setting up in Yorkville this summer!

IMG_0807 IMG_0826 IMG_0870

In these shots I also decided to share my favourite spot in my apartment; my couch.  This is the only new piece of furniture I purchased with a few personal customizations to make it perfect for me.  My study spot, my blogging inspiration, my hangout, and the only place I’d want to cuddle up on after a tough day.  It’s the first thing I see when I walk into my apartment and the last thing I normally see before dozing off at night.  I have designed it to combine everything I love in the form of fashion, design, and inspiration and is the thing I will miss most about this place.

IMG_1040 IMG_1074 IMG_1073 IMG_1063 IMG_1059 IMG_1089

On a positive note, I can’t wait to show you my other new favourites from Kit and Ace! Stay tuned…


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