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The 5 Watch-Worthy Fall/Winter 2015 Fashion Shows

Now that all the major fashion weeks are up, I’ve needed to play some catch-up on all those gorgeous shows that take over the fashion world over the last month.  From my binge-watching of shows, I have decided to share my five favourites that had me glued to the screen from start to finish; if you’re at all interested in fashion, these are well worth your time.  Although this season my favourite came from the big name classics, it isn’t because I didn’t watch other shows but I just didn’t seem captured by their designs.  One of my least favourite trends I saw on those stages were the layering of skirts over pants; tights yes, leggings ok, but not pants people.  However, take a look at these if you’re interested!

5. BCBG – I feel like these guys are on a comeback; there were quite a few seasons that I was not really digging, but this fall/winter collection was a lot less fussy than many of their previous shows. The gorgeous coats and turtlenecks in neutrals but subtle hints of native or Aztec prints were the perfect little detail for the minimal stuff we see going on almost everywhere.


4. Chloé – This is one very different from the other choices here. However, their ethereal take on the Parisian vibe is hard not to resist.

Chloe FW 2015 1

3. Valentino – I’m sure virtually everyone saw at least a glimpse of the Zoolander teaser at the end of this show, but that little preview is only the comic ending to an unreal show. I was totally digging their modern renaissance warrior kind of vibe that resonated throughout the show; definitely an eye-catching and fun fashion show to watch.

Valentino FW 2015 1 Valentino FW 2015 2

2. Chanel – Another Parisian classic. The huge café set up right in the middle of their runway brought everyone right to the Parisian streets and the best part was the interaction of the models with the bartenders and servers – too cool! The play on pattern (including some awesome plaids which I’m not yet bored of), big turtlenecks, floor length coats, and not to mention their semi-sheer black dresses to finish it all off; all evoked the essence of Paris and the ultimate Parisian woman on the go.  Not sure if this was intended but given that it was Karl Lagerfeld I would say it was, the men walking the runway had a sloppier walk and look to them while the women were much more confident in their strides; bringing in more feminist drama are we?

Chanel Parisian Cafe Setup

Chanel Kendall 2 Chanel Kendall

1. Elie Saab – This has to be my top, without a doubt! This show had all the gowns you’d expect from an Elie Saab show but the whole spectacle had a dark side to it. Black trees overhanging the runway and dark lighting made the space feel very intense.  The military green gowns had to be my favourite by far!  Incorporating this tough side to their collection made me envy all those people who will be wearing the dresses next year even more.

Elie Saab FW 2015

This is always a little peak in my semester as I organize my time and schedule to watch so many of these awesome shows without compromising my school work.  As always, I can’t wait to see what comes next!

(I’d also like to add that these photos are (of course) not mine, maybe someday though!)

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