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Montreal is awaiting…

A girl’s day in Montreal was all I needed to round off this weekend back home.  Not only was it an awesome afternoon downtown with my best friend but we have decided to team up for the summer to bring a ton more excitement to this blog!  Her awesome camera skills, my writing, and our shared interest in exploring the city will all be documented here in full.  In the meantime, we brainstormed, got coffee (and hot chocolates), and pizza for the perfect afternoon out on the town.

It was a bit of a throwback to being in Milan when I heard Club Monaco had opened a new store and café on Saint-Catherine.  Just like every big brand name, in Milan, designers all have their own cafes named after them and serving up little delights; so this was kinda cool to be seeing back home.  The new store itself was eloquently decorated with beautiful tiled floors, glass walls in vintage-y framing and racks of their stunning clothes but it was downstairs that this café was hiding.  Teal tufted banquettes and white marble give a Parisian chic allure to this space that was packed full with customers sipping at their coffees and munching away at their croissants with friends or studying.  A strong latte gave me the boost I needed for the rest of our afternoon! Their hot chocolate was also a huge winner; a must try for anyone digging a rich hot cocoa-like drink on the go.

IMG_0940 IMG_0927 IMG_0930 IMG_0938 IMG_0943

It was not long after when we were getting hungry and headed to Brigade on Stanley to share a fire-grilled pizza!  Again, referencing Italy here, it was probably the best I’ve had since that fresh Mozarella pizza I had overlooking the Cathedral of Milano that I can’t get out of my head.  We had the option of dressing our own sides of the pizza which started off as a simple margherita pizza.  I kept it simple, but adding in the spinach and sundried tomatoes was an excellent choice on Brie’s part.  The best part of fire-grilled pizzas however has to be the taste and smell of the fire that incorporates itself into the crust that gives it a warming feeling throughout.  Yum!

IMG_0948 IMG_0964 IMG_0947 IMG_0952 IMG_0959 IMG_0963

Regardless of how much I love being in Toronto and eating their food, Montreal is also stepping up their game which I’m pumped to get into in the coming months!  From food trucks to brunch, dinner, and events, it’ll all be broadcasted right here.

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