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OK, I’ve been slacking a bit here; the majority of my posts are coffee shops where I’ve been spending my days furiously reading, writing, and studying away.  With only one week of school left, it will all hopefully be over before I know it.  But today I will be adding to the coffee shop repertoire that I’ve been writing about so frequently.

As most of you may know or come to see from my posts, I’m not the biggest fan of chains.  There are ones I totally approve of like my all-time favourite David’s Tea, but Starbucks is definitely off my go-to list unless I’m in a mad emergency at the library and can’t spare the time to walk outside before getting back to the books.  But Balzac’s is by far my favourite coffee shop chain!


The often discreet venues of Balzac’s make it a little mysterious when venturing to their locations.  Before I even knew, I could easily walk by without realizing the cool place inside; it’s not like you have to walk through dark alleys but they aren’t flashing their name in your face.  This kind of fun, but toned down character, continues inside with their classic designs that radiate Balzac’s character.

The most important part however is their coffee – I mean, YUM!  One of the best chai lattes in the city if you ask me, and always consistent.  It was also their lattes that got me hooked on this caffeinated beverage.  There’s no relying on the sweet additions to make their drinks popular.

IMG_3605 IMG_3475 IMG_0991

In addition to the funky décor and delicious drinks, their array of snacks is beyond what anyone can imagine.  Not only have I never had something that didn’t taste fresh, they also have a ton of brownies, cookies, and so much more; they even have authentic Turkish Delight!  It’s hard not to pick something when they’re all staring at you longingly as you wait…

IMG_1004 IMG_3603

From drinks to snacks and the perfect study spots, the array of locations makes it so easy to find a good coffee.  My personal favourite has to be the Distillery District location but the most convenient spots for me are at the Reference Library and on Ryerson’s campus.  Either way, I know I’m getting lots of work done and enjoying that delicious brew at the same time!


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