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Going Green

It’s finally starting to feel like spring, at least for the time being so with swimsuit season fast approaching I know that I, among many others, will be pushing it to stay health (but only after those Easter chocolates are gone).  In my search for other juice places back in the fall, I came across this little gem that opened up just last summer.

The Good Press is located in the heart of Yorkville but can be easily missed if you aren’t looking out; which kind of makes it feel cozier and ‘underground’ anyway.  From their array of juices as you walk in to their selection of smoothies and bowls, this place has got it all.


From the different juice shops I’ve tried, the selection of juices here has to be one if not the best there is.  I say this because while they do have their super healthy green juices that I still can’t fight down, they have a variety of others that still have loads of benefits and nutrients while not tasting like I just drank down pure green who knows what.


So in the spirit of going green, this particular visit I chose Hawaii Five-O and a Green Bowl.  The dash of the kick from jalapeno in the juice really gets your butt in gear but the pineapple makes you really feel like you’re enjoy your vacay down south.  Jammed packed with spinach, romaine, arugula, and the ingredients I just mentioned, this juice goes down much easier than any green juice you’ve ever known, guaranteed.  The green bowl was another success with its variety of fruits, nuts, and oats, all artistically layered on top of the green goodness.  Although on your average day I wouldn’t consider this a whole lunch for myself, it definitely did the job to tie me over between a big breakfast and a late afternoon pre-workout snack.

IMG_1028 IMG_1032 IMG_1038

Although I didn’t go for it this time, my favourite juice from this shop has to be Black Beauty.  I have picked this guy up many times before, and even with its dark colour that really look like it should have come from some sort of motor, this flavour is out of this world!  Between the apple and blueberries, any of the flavour coming from the kale is completely negated and the spirulina gives it a boost of protein for all those athletic sorts out there.  A definite must if you ask me but check this one out for yourself!


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