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I was headed east before a delicious family dinner for Easter dinner.  I’ve been having lots of trouble concentrating at home, so why not use that as another excuse to grab a drink somewhere new and get some work done while I’m at it?

Goat Coffee Co. has been on my go-to list for a few months now and I just needed the right opportunity to check it out.  I wasn’t really sure what to expect but at first glance I could tell that their industrial, rustic, rugged vibe was right up my alley; the massive lit-up sign will also captivate any onlooker!

IMG_1102 IMG_1107

I went for my classic, a chai latte.  The ginormous cup was also a huge bonus because I needed some warming up!  As I’ve mentioned so many times, I prefer a chai latte that is less on the sweet side where you can really taste the spices.  This one not only got the taste down pat (lots of cinnamon – YUM!) but I also loved that each sip left a little tickle as it made its way down.


Although it wasn’t particularly busy when I first arrived, slowly but surely the place came to life with people working, studying, socializing, and getting together for meetings.  Even in the small space there was so much seating to accommodate anyone who wandered into their doors even on a busy afternoon.  Such a great find, I can’t wait to go back (and hopefully try one of those delicious looking sandwiches)!

IMG_1109 IMG_1111 IMG_1113

Teaser: I also got my hands on a Boxed Water which I can’t wait to gush about in an upcoming post!


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