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All I want to do today is gush.  Although I’m studying environmental sciences, I have to admit I’m not the greenest person but I definitely try to make a difference in little ways.  I’ve never been a fan of bottled water, I always figured that we could just take our reusable water bottled, fill them up, and grab one when you needed it.  Regardless of my efforts at trying to get people to stop buying plastic bottled water which is very often just Canadian tap water anyway, I’ve come across a new kind of “bottled” water that at least makes me feel more at peace than the competing brands.  This company is: Boxed Water.

IMG_1129 IMG_1132 IMG_1123

I discovered Boxed Water about a year ago probably just from random googling around and stuff but it was only recently that I found cafes in Toronto selling them.  First and foremost, instead of the plastic bottles, this guy comes in a carton much like we can buy milk at the grocery store.  Made of 76% renewable materials (trees) that come from well-managed forests, the boxes themselves can be recycled but are also compostable because of the materials they come from.  In addition, probably their most admirable funding is their participation in 1% for the planet which means that the company donates 1% of their profits to reforestation and world water relief efforts worldwide.  Of course a company can say all this about their product but what makes it even better are the agreements Boxed Water has signed in order to achieve these goals.  Take for example the forests they need to cultivate for the boxes, instead of just saying they are from healthy forests they have gone the extra step to ensure they are FSC certified.


It’s the little things like these that I take notice of on a day to day basis that I really feel can make a difference.  I’m a strong believer that by adding up the little changes and impacts we have can go a long way.  I’m not saying that this will cure us of our consumptive habits or reduce the effects of climate change, but the fact that there is someone out there that has come up with this kind of product as a viable alternative to plastic bottles makes me smile; I’d give them props.

I will point out however that the water is imported from the States, so as Canadians it might not be the best alternative right now (although definitely better than plastic bottles!) but hopefully we can jump on this bandwagon in the near future as well.

In the meantime, drink up people!


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