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Class Pass

Exams are over with (for me) and as of just after 9PM on Wednesday I am officially done my undergraduate degree!  So crazy to say but it’s true.  Bring it on summer!

While I had a week and a half between my last class and first exam, I decided to fill my time by testing out a program that’s just starting in Toronto: Class Pass.  Class Pass now offers a way for people to essentially get gym memberships to tons of gyms in and around the city for one fee.  They had a cool introductory offer of $10 for a 7 day trial which I immediately jumped at.  Although I didn’t reduce my regular training and workout schedules (which made the week that much more exhausting) I managed to try 4 classes at 3 different studios; two yoga classes at Ahimsa in the Annex, a barre class at Barreworks on Queen West, and lastly a spin class at QUAD on King West.


Ahimsa: This place has to be my favourite yoga studio I’ve tried in Toronto.  The Annex location is not only convenient for me but the classes offer exactly what I’m looking for; a way to get a good stretch and practice in a peaceful environment while breaking a sweat.  Both classes I took were Vinyasa (flow) with different instructors whose practices reflected also differed greatly; all in all an excellent way to pump-up my day.  I have already used my $30 for 30 day pass at this place, but if you haven’t you seriously need to give it a try!

Barreworks: I decided to go out on a limb here and try something completely different from my usual workouts; a barre class.  This class provides a kind of weight program that has a ton of reps with light weighted balls and resistance bands.  With a combination of arms, legs, and core exercises as well as stretches, this class covers all the basics while blasting some fun music!  The instructor was extremely inviting and accepting of me and other new students; she kept checking over to make sure I wasn’t totally lost.  I have to say that it was an interesting change and the place was great but I don’t think I’d go back just because it’s really not my thing.


QUAD: Now this one will make you sweat.  I walked in thinking “Ok, 45 minutes on the bike, no problem!” but only a few minutes in and I was already dying.  I have some experience on the bike from cross training, workouts, and in triathlons, but none of that prepared me for this spinning class.  Much more to my liking, the instructor was always pushing us to stay up with him and keep cranking that knob.  I walked out looking like I had jumped into a pool with legs that could barely hold me up any longer; I even had to walk it off a little before I biked home.  Even though all that sounds awful to some, it’s definitely something I look for and I can definitely see myself coming back to!

Overall, I have to say that Class Pass is an excellent way for people to explore different parts of the city and try a variety of things they might not have tried otherwise.  It lets you rotate through a whole bunch of workouts without having to pay for multiple memberships.  Warning however, after my trial was up Class Pass automatically renewed me for another month without consulting me and without having me agreed to it.  Although they were kind enough to take back the transaction, make sure you cancel according to their policies if you wish to do so.  Otherwise, go check out these spots!

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