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It’s been far too long since I last wrote.  I notice a difference both in myself and my writing when I’ve been on a roll.  Letting it all out on paper (or online) makes me so excited that when things get too hectic it drives me crazy to not get out there and write.  I’m glad so much of the fuss has calmed itself down, at least for now, so that I have more time to write and do some of the things that I’ve been patiently waiting for here in MTL!

Since the last time I wrote I have packed up, moved out of my apartment, brought the things I needed back home and unpacked them at this end as well.  In the midst of all that I also ran my third half marathon and finished with a time I didn’t think was in reach for that day yet all the hard work and training leading up to that point finally came through and I couldn’t be happier. 🙂

Being back in Montreal has gotten my creative juices flowing yet again as I drive past the recently opened food trucks, some of my favourite scenic spots, and soak up the energy from the city around me.  To hit it off right, my brother (who has a passion for photo- and videography) and I drove out to the Peel Basin upon sunset to get some amazing shots of the iconic ‘Farine Five Roses’ sign as it slowly lit up as the sun went down.

IMG_6691 IMG_6693

We had a blast pulling out some fun shots and some cool angles for our first shoot of the season.  Here, I’m wearing one of my go-to dresses so far this season that channels my love of minimalist fashion inspired by the 90s in a very simple cotton dress.  Even in the summer when it’s brutally hot outside, showing skin isn’t all it’s cracked up to be so staying appropriately covered in this form-fitting dress that hits at the knee is the perfect balance to avoid this common dilemma.  This dress in particular was from Aritzia and I paired it with my Montreal brand favourite Mat & Nat purse and rounded it all out with my classic aviators; the perfect ensemble for the warm weather that is fast approaching. A great new haircut is another part of the summer that I was very much looking forward to and cannot believe how much fun the change has been!

IMG_6699 IMG_6731 IMG_6735 IMG_6827 IMG_6823IMG_6809 IMG_1306

For yet another turn of events, my family is finally getting together for an entire week out in St. Martin for a much needed vacation together.  So the next time I write will be from there!  I can’t wait to see the kinds of places we hit up and I’m really looking forward to writing about it here as well.


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