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St. Maarten – Part 2


Although our vacation seems like so long ago now, I’m still dying to write about the rest of our venture.  The second half of the week started out with a trip to the nearby surfing locale with some of the best waves on the island.  Although it was difficult not being close to shore, the waves were out of this world!  I’ve only surfed a couple times in the past but even my amateur skills were sufficient to get me up and cruising the waves!

IMG_1353 IMG_1355

It was on these last two nights that I had the best meals of the trip; so I’ll get into some of the food details in now.  The restaurant Aura at our hotel had been a highly anticipated dinner since we arrived.  I ordered their most popular dish on the menu which was the hazelnut encrusted sea bass that just melted in your mouth like butter.  The fresh fish and thin layer of hazelnuts mixed together the land and sea flavours like a pro.  With ample sides which were also incredibly delicious like a truffled mac and cheese, asparagus, and sautéed mushrooms, we barely had enough room for dessert.  But not quite. (sorry I don’t have any photos of this!)

On the last night we revisited a restaurant called Canoa in the neighbouring area only a few minutes’ walk from our hotel.  I ordered an Oriental Fusion salad with arugula, marinated seaweed, and most importantly a mountain of grilled calamari and shrimps!  On the hot evening after probably the hottest day of our stay, I needed something to keep me cool.  The best part of the whole meal however was ordering their key lime pie again!  I’m not always the biggest fan of key lime pies but when they’re done right I just can’t stop; as we found out here.  The crumbly crust was surprisingly not very buttery (which I liked) and the pie portion tasted even a little mousse-y with quite a bit of lime taste which made it quite sour but still enough sweet to balance it out. (or photos here, oops!)

IMG_1369 IMG_1372 IMG_1283Before all this however, we had our last adventure for the trip and boy was it ever a good one!  We had only heard about this hike to a set of tidal pools from a blog we had read online; even when we asked our concierge, she had no clue what we were getting at.  So we followed the instructions we found online which directed us to head towards Guana Bay and parked by the abandoned house at the top of the hill.  We spotted a little bit of a trail and started following the red spray paint marks which we weren’t certain would lead us to where we had wanted but we eventually wound up at the tidal pools.  The 35 minute hike wasn’t particularly challenging except for the last 5 or 10 minutes but the open space and serious lack of shade made it a lot more difficult; lucky for us we had the tidal pools to jump in at our finish line!  After talking to some of the others there, we found out that had we come from the other direction the walk would have only been about 10 minutes (doh!).  We also had to lay our stuff out flat to dry before taking the trek back because the sun was that hot.

IMG_1379 IMG_1285

All in all, our action-packed vacation was exactly what we needed and the huge bonus was having the whole jam together again.

Now we are back to reality, work, and tons more blogging in my beautiful hometown of Montreal.  Bring on summer!

P.S. We found some funny signs throughout the trip and I’ve posted the pictures underneath here!

IMG_1327 IMG_1324 IMG_1326

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