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In-between seasons can be so much fun in fashion but the drastic changes we’ve been experiencing lately has been throwing me off.  Before I left for vacation we were in shorts and dresses but upon return I had to pull out long sleeved shirts, jeans, and sweaters again.  Bleh.  I can’t stand the idea of bringing out my winter-y clothes again so I’m trying to make do with some of the warmer clothes I don’t mind wearing on a cooler summer evening.

IMG_6814 IMG_6807 IMG_6806 IMG_6805 IMG_6820 IMG_6826

No surprise here, my Kit and Ace long sleeve keeps me feeling oh-so cozy without bringing out the heavy sweaters and this vest is something I can wear with just about anything in any season! To add a little more of a spring feel when wearing long pants, I like to roll up my jeans just a few inches; this little detail makes a world of difference!  Instead of covering it all up, the spring season requires a little more exposure to the sun.


And that floppy brimmed hat; always a good accessory to top off any ensemble but in this case I really needed another element to keep me warm!  So why not top it all off with a little mystery?

IMG_6851 IMG_6859

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