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Food Trucks: L’Assommoir and Dispatch

This week on our trip to Dorchester square for another food truck fix we visited another couple trucks!  Waiting for me this week was a truck I had yet to try, L’Assommoir Mobile.  Although I had really wanted to try their tartare or ceviche which would be perfect on a hot summer day, I was famished so I went for their bison burger to properly fill me up.  This game burger had a mix of spices that complimented the classic game-y taste to one-up your classic burger (not to mention it’s also from a truck!).  Definitely not what you have in mind when you’re thinking on the go!  To top it all off and make it a little more summer appropriate, a red cabbage, carrot, and apple coleslaw is in generous proportion on the side.  I could not suggest this burger more for any red meat lover out there but now it’s got me even more pumped to go back and try something from their raw menu!

IMG_6899 IMG_6902 IMG_6900 IMG_6903 IMG_6905

Parked right next to it, the Dispatch mobile was also calling to us.  Known to have amazing coffees, we were very tempted by the opportunity on this cool day.  Although Brianna and I aren’t the biggest coffee drinkers we went for their chai latte (which you can order warm or cold) in hopes of giving us a little warmth.  Not to be a snob or anything, but I am a little picky when it comes to the chai lattes I like.  I’d much prefer to have a drink that’s less sweet than the average and enough spice to give my throat a little tickle on the way down.  This latte hit every one of those aspects and more when you realize its thick creaminess.  In the future if I’m driving around the city and pass by the Dispatch truck, I’d be hard pressed not to give it another go; hopefully with the right weather to try a cold one!

IMG_6924IMG_6922 IMG_6931 IMG_6926 IMG_6938

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