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This week we headed to the Westmount greenhouse because of the chilly weather and check out some of our local amenities while taking in the beautiful landscaping.  Amongst others looking for a place to relax or get work done, we wandered through the various rooms in admiration as we took it all in whilst taking more beautiful photos.

Because of the cooler weather, I still felt the need to throw on a flannel shirt.  For my style, it is of course my favourite minimal shirt from H&M that was not only a steal but is also just as soft and comfortable as any other I own.  Paired with another favourite cold-weather wear, my leather leggings, the longer shirttail make the look far more appropriate for day.  Unlike jeans, styling these leggings requires a little more attention to detail in my mind.  In this case as well as most others, a longer-styled top is almost necessary.

Today I also kept my everyday wear consistent with my favourite rings and a pendant necklace.  The now pendant on this necklace was gifted to me from another necklace that broke ages ago but I never parted with.  Using a little pair of plyers, I took off the heart and made my own original necklace.  Along with a watch to keep me on top of things, these simple pieces are not only staples in my everyday wear but are also what some people recognize as part of my family’s background that has become an important part of me and my personal style.  It’s amazing how these pieces of relatively insignificant value collected over time can make such an impact and make something in your daily routine truly personal.

IMG_6946 IMG_6941 IMG_6917 IMG_6953 IMG_6956 IMG_6970

With a little more time to spare, we went for a bonus this week and started photographing in another outfit.  As another one of my go-to looks when I’m not really up to much, this silk cami from Aritzia is around in different patterns year-round that contrasts my ragged jeans.

Just like the last outfit, combining what you would typically consider polar opposite pieces is a way that I like to keep things interesting in my daily regimen.  Silk and rips just like flannel and leather are not your typical combinations yet they work so well together and make things that much more fun to play around with.

IMG_6981 IMG_6986 IMG_6992 IMG_6990 IMG_7007 IMG_7019 IMG_7032 IMG_7028 IMG_7036


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