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Summer Cozy

IMG_9399 IMG_9401 IMG_9410 IMG_9415

Even in the hot summer months there are at least a few chilly days or nights.  Although the stifling heat seems to be coming in this week, that hasn’t been the case for many of my days and evenings up north.  The solution: a light sweater or two to layer up with.  My Theory sweater was another great sale find a few weeks ago (from the Bay) which suits the summer months perfectly.  The deep V and thin material makes it appropriate for summer while the length (which you can’t really see in the pictures) makes it feel like your big, cozy knits everyone cuddles up to on the coldest days of winter.  However, even though I’m wearing this in the summer doesn’t mean it won’t be a regular in my winter wardrobe either.

Regardless of the season there are going to be many highs and lows, and while I’d rather keep my closet simple, I like using some pieces year-round to get more wear out of my favourites!

IMG_9418 IMG_9425 IMG_9416


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