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Summerlicious at SpeakEasy21

Although my visit in Toronto was short and sweet, timing could not have been more perfect to try out one of the city’s Summerlicious menus.  I had heard of SpeakEasy21’s great terrace so to check it out, a lunch date on a hot, sunny, summer day was in order.  Even though it seems to be in the middle of things, the few steps above street level and the half wall slash banquet that separates you from the sidewalk traffic, really creates its own little world while still feeling like you’re a part of the city’s landscape.


The menu itself was very summer appropriate, where we started it off with their kale and arugula salad but not without a little bit of their sangria! (Which I’m actually dying to recreate myself; potential blog post? I’d say so!) The bitter salad was exactly what I was looking for with radishes to add to that effect and just a hint of sweetness coming from the pears and dressing that was in no shortage.  Next, I went with the tacos, which looked small to start but once I dug in, there was no need for more.  The coleslaw added crunch to the tacos but the best part had to be the pineapple slice that gave a punch of sweetness to contrast the spices in the marinade.  Thanks to my fellow diner Laura, the Mac and Cheese was another selection at our table which surprisingly didn’t taste inappropriate in the stifling heat.  If you’re looking for a creamy dish in the summer heat, this is the one.

IMG_1689 IMG_1692

Lastly, dessert goes without question.  The strawberry cheesecake was another great choice but I, of course, went for the chocolate ganache.  The mix of crunch from the granola, creaminess of the ganache, and cool ice cream on top was the best treat for any day!  I still can’t get over how much that little bowl could pack such a punch.

IMG_1697 IMG_1702 IMG_1710

So whether it’s summerlicious by day or drinks at night, this hot spot is perfect for a summer getaway right in the middle of downtown Toronto.

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