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A Year in Review

I can’t believe it’s August already!  Exactly one year ago yesterday I gained up the courage to post on this blog about my adventures in Europe.  Although it mainly started as a way for my friends and family to follow what I was up to in my studies abroad, I realized how much I liked writing about the things I was up to even after returning to Toronto.  I never in a million years thought I would have started a blog; I hated any kind of writing until recently.  Somehow that changed quickly and I have had so much positive feedback from everyone around me as well as so many great suggestions for future posts, which has been a huge help as well.  Instead of a typical blog post today, I decided to just compile a bunch of my favourite pictures from the past year to reminisce on all the things I’ve done and had the opportunities to do because of this as well.  Looking back on the photos has been so much fun and I hope everyone enjoys it as much as I have!

IMG_1129 IMG_5096 IMG_5573 IMG_6162 IMG_6666 IMG_6756 Venice Canal with Skirt IMG_9941 IMG_6663 IMG_0972 IMG_4 IMG_0150 IMG_0795 IMG_1246 IMG_1353 IMG_6731 IMG_6932 IMG_6903 IMG_1591 IMG_1655 IMG_9204 IMG_9365 IMG_9457 B&W

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