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Bean and Baker Malt Shop

Blistering summer days in Toronto can really add up.  Insert here the new Bean and Baker Malt Shop that not only cools you down on the hottest of days but can easily put a smile on your face with a throwback to the classic malt shops of our grandparents’ generation.  Located slightly off the beaten track of the popular Harbord strip, the adorable shop sits on the corner of Grace Street with no shortage of curb appeal; their retro inspired décor and flashy window logo will steal the attention of anyone walking by.  Once inside, the retro feel also doesn’t disappoint; coffered ceilings, red bar stools, and crazy patterns bring the space to life.  Run by a husband and wife duo (Bren and Liezel), the shop really has the whole vibe going on!

IMG_1456 IMG_1458 IMG_1993 IMG_1971

It’s hard to believe but their treats to an even better job of representing the glory days of the malt shops.  With a sizeable array of ice cream flavours (Ontario’s own Kawartha) and soda’s to be made into floats, there is something here for everyone.  I was lucky enough to try a few of the different menu items including their hibiscus float which fizzed over as I tipped the ice cream into the glass.  Without being as sweet as your average soda, which was a good thing, the light and refreshing taste was perfect for the steamy day it was outside.  However, it was their milkshake that stole the show.  With a mix of salted caramel and chocolate, I had the best combination in the house! (If you ask me)  Topped with some chocolate chips and a malt ball, this treat is the perfect refreshing addition to hangout in the park just across the street.

Lastly, the tasty tarts and sweets are another superstar on their display.  Liezel is a professionally trained pastry chef that has changed over to supplying their own shop with her tasty talent.  Everything is not only picture perfect but tastes just as good.  Their cookies were my personal favourite but you would be hard pressed to find anything you wouldn’t love!

Even more impressive, the shop has only been opened for two months and is already a screaming success!

IMG_1377 IMG_1435 IMG_1450
 IMG_1398 IMG_1384 IMG_1372

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