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“You make more friends with candy”

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Candy, candy, and more candy!  It’s basically like a real live version of the board game; walls stacked full of boxes and bags of everybody’s favourites and in no shortage whatsoever.  To those candy lovers out there (I know there have to be many!) this place is a must!  With already 4 stores open both in Montreal and Toronto, there’s no excuse to not give this one a try.

As the friendly staff greeted upon arrival, we were offered a sample of their gummy of the day.  With a rotation of different flavours, it’s great that you get to try them out before making a purchase.  Especially since it’s priced higher than your average (even though the quality more than makes up for it), it’s nice to know that they are making sure you enjoy your purchase and experience as much as possible.  And that includes everyone, from gluten free and vegan candies as well as GMO-free, they’ve got a candy for virtually any dietary constraint.  Each candy has been designed specifically for that flavour; I’m talking colour, texture, the whole works…and it shows!  Take my favourites for example, the bubbly bears are meant to reminisce the flavours of champagne but on top of that, their texture has a little bit of a fizzy aftertaste to it as well.  More than just to be gobbled down, every aspect of the gummies are meant to be savoured.  Being the chai fiend that I am, their chai lollipop was another home run!  Something I’ll be stocking up on for sure.

IMG_9574 IMG_9583 IMG_9585 IMG_9600 IMG_9603 IMG_9618

From pre-made and themed boxes to specialized gifts, these will make perfect presents regardless of the occasion!  And of course a little treat for yourselves while you’re at it too!

IMG_9604 IMG_9610 IMG_9557 IMG_9599 IMG_9628

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