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NYC: Part II

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While there are so many things to talk about in this great city, one of my favourite moments (and of course it was a foodie one) was when I got a taste of my very first cronut!  Although yes, there is a bit of a wait, any croissant and donut lover out there needs to get their hands on one of these.  The famous croissant, donut crossover invented by the geniuses at Dominique Ansel is a to-die-for treat if you’ve got the sweet tooth to handle it first thing in the morning.  With a rotating series of flavours, I got to taste their tangerine version.  The lightly crispy exterior, soft layers inside, and thick creamy filling is like going to a sweet, sweet heaven before your day even really begins.  With an iced chai latte sitting at a bistro table on their back patio, our third day in New York could not have started on a better note.

After such a treat, it was necessary to walk at least a little bit of it off.  Through Soho, Tribeca, and into the financial district had us seeing even more of the beautiful city.  Another highlight from the trip was the 9/11 museum and memorial.  Although I don’t want to go into too much detail here, it’s something you really have to experience yourself, but I cannot insist more on taking a visit there.

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Continuing on with another touristy attraction, we hopped on the subway towards Brooklyn and walked along the bridge all the way back to into Manhattan.  The architecture of the bridge and the skyline in front of us encompass the epitome of New York.

Since we had done the classic attractions, we looked for a more off-the-grid restaurant to experience New York like the locals.  After a brief confusion, we settled on going to Wildair, a restaurant in the East Village.  Hands down we were the only non-New Yorkers there which made for a nice change in comparison to the more touristy spots we had been visiting.  We were a little intimidated by the dimly lit street it was located on, but once inside, it didn’t matter.  The dinner was fun but the best part had to be the chocolate hazelnut dessert tart! With just a hint of sea salt sprinkled on top and ample hazelnut flavouring, it finished off our last night in this amazing city.

Although our last day was a bit of a mix-up as well, our final destination was the Met where we saw the exhibit “China: Through the Looking Glass” which went through the history of fashion while drawing upon the similarities and the influences of Asian art, architecture, and fashion on the Western world.  A truly phenomenal exhibit; extremely interesting and very well curated.

Rounding out the trip however was on our way to the airport.  As we headed towards LaGuardia airport on the subway, between two of the stops we got a visit from a group of dancers taking advantage of the crowd and the subway car we were on.  Throwing it down to their music, doing tricks on the bars, and dancing their way through the people, I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face in amazement.  I got to experience something truly New York!

Nothing could wipe the smile off my face for days.  The amazing mother-daughter trip rounded out an amazing summer filled with countless new challenges and opportunities but it was time to head back to Toronto (which I was very excited about too).

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