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Stuffed Chicken

These past few weeks have been tough and busy as I finally get back into a rhythm, catching up on readings and doing countless other things around here; I needed to find a bit of time to make myself a delicious dinner this week.

While it might look complicated, I assure you that making stuffed chicken breasts isn’t anywhere near as difficult as it may look; it was a quick little brainstorm of stuff I could find in my fridge without having to get anything new from the grocery store.  On top of it all, baking something like this makes it feel even more like fall.

You can essentially use anything you’d like for something like this, but my favourites are goat cheese, spinach, craisins, and walnuts; I just eyed the necessary quantity and went for it.  Just make sure to close the chicken up with a bit of string and wrap it up in tinfoil to put in the oven.  This way it keeps super juicy and requires less cleanup (for when you’re feeling that much lazier than usual).  At 450F for 25 minutes it was good to go!

I wish I could have taken more photos, but the steam was fogging up the camera and let’s face it, the smell was getting to me.  So I dug in!

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