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In honour of the Jays finally clinching a playoffs spot, I figured why not throw in some baseball style to the blog?  I know there are lots of sports fans out there reading this, and dressing for the game or parties to watch the game can be tricky; trying to make sure you haven’t gone overboard but at the same time you don’t want to look like a guy.  Don’t get me wrong, when the Habs are around I’ll be sporting every piece I can possibly manage especially to get on those Leafs fans’ nerves, but that isn’t always the right strategy.

One.  Especially if you aren’t a real fanatic, don’t go overboard.  I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not the biggest fan of baseball, but going to a game and getting into the atmosphere is a lot of fun!  So in this case, I opted for a pair of casual, worn-in jeans and a sporty T-shirt.  Going super minimal with a cap or subtle cue to the team for support is the way to go.

Two.  Repping the colours of the team is also an easy way to put together a combo for the big game day.

Three. Keep the rest of the outfit a little more feminine or form fitting; not the best place to be sporting (pun intended) ripped, baggy jeans with an oversized jersey.

And four. Please, oh please.  Do not wear the tacky pink jerseys!

IMG_1492 IMG_1496 IMG_1499

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